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10 Random Thoughts From A Dad on Frozen

I’ve watched Frozen many times.┬áProbably more than I’ve watched any animated movie in my lifetime. Check that – probably more than I’ve watched any movie in my lifetime, and having a 3-year old daughter is the main reason for that. Whenever you do something over and over again, random thoughts enter your mind and it […]

Advice For New Dads

Just like most bloggers, I receive a lot of email. I do my best to read all of them and reply to the ones that I can, but doing so takes a lot longer than I expected. As I sit here now, I realize that many of the emails I received asked a common question: […]

Striking Out On One Pitch

Daniel Murphy is a dad. A first-time dad. Let’s just start there. I know how I felt as a first-time dad. I laughed, I cried, I was on a high that simply could not be duplicated. More importantly, I wanted to be around the tiny human I helped to create more than anything. I wanted […]

GUEST POST: Eff Judgment

It’s time for another guest poster! I found Sarah Fader (the brain behind “Old School New School Mom”) when she wrote this great post about 3-year olds being assholes. She’s a fellow Huffington Post contributor and she writes about something every parent deals with. Here’s Sarah!

March Madness Part II, The Not-So-Fantastic Four

The path to the Sweet Sixteen of college basketball’s March Madness is now littered with favorites heading home early (Duke, Wichita State, Kansas, Villanova, Syracuse, etc.), but the games were extremely exciting. Will the same be said for our 1st Annual Parenting Version of March Madness?

March Madness Part I, The Parenting Version

By now you know how much I love sports and the best sports tournament in the world starts this week (sorry, World Cup fans) – college basketball’s March Madness! 68 teams compete for three weeks of single elimination games to determine the ultimate champion. As a former college basketball player who lives and dies by […]

The Book Doin’ Work

Things are starting to get real. Once I saw the cover for my first book Daddy Doin’ Work: Empowering Mothers To Evolve Fatherhood, I realized, “Holy shit, I’m actually going to be a published author.” Granted, I knew that long before I saw the cover – but it’s similar to how pregnant women feel once […]