My Carnival Elation Vacation in 10 Selfies

This November, the good folks at Carnival invited me and my parents on a 5-day cruise to The Bahamas on the beautiful (and newly renovated) Carnival Elation. I took my parents with me and since I was the third wheel on this vacation, I spent a decent amount of alone time on the trip. That was totally fine with me — because since I have two young daughters at home, “alone time” isn’t a phrase that I’m all that familiar with.

So if you’ll allow me to do so, check out my vacation in 10 selfies. Because when you’re alone, that’s how you get photos.

#1: Welcome to Carnival Elation


This ship is great. Not too big, not too small. From the moment I got onboard, I was ready to check out what it had to offer.

#2: BlueIguana Cantina


This little spot was recently added to the ship, and I was here EVERY day to grab one of their amazing breakfast burritos. You haven’t truly lived until you tried one of those. Not pictured is Guy’s Burger Joint which had some of the tastiest burgers you’ll find. No matter what you’re into, Carnival has great food for even the pickiest eaters.

#3: Camp Ocean


I left my little ones at home with my wife because we didn’t want to take them out of school, but my daughters spent a lot of time at Camp Ocean on our previous cruises. It’s a great option for kids to play with others and for parents to enjoy some much-needed adult time. Great for kids aged 2-11.

#4: WaterWorks


Speaking of areas that my kids spent a lot of time in, the WaterWorks play area was by far their favorite on previous cruises. Carnival Elation had a wonderful version as well, and I was able to snap a photo before it opened. Needless to say, the kiddos on the ship had a blast here.

#5: The Fun Shops


If you’ve followed me for a while you probably know that I have a thing for Swedish Fish. Well, if you have a sweet tooth like I have, Cherry On Top is the place for you. I spent a lot of time here getting my fix of my favorite treats.

#6: The Spa


Sometimes a dad just needs some time to unwind and that’s exactly what I did. I enjoyed a 90-minute Swedish massage (apparently I like all Swedish things), and it was just what the doctor ordered to relieve my stress. The people here are knowledgeable, friendly, and really good at their jobs — but that can be said for all Carnival employees.

#7: The towel animals


One of the things that makes Carnival so unique are the various towel animals that can be found in your room. It’s no secret that I’m deathly afraid of frogs, and the crew and I had a great laugh when they put one in my room (a towel frog, that is — not a real one). I kept one eye on him all night to ensure he wouldn’t jump on me.

#8: The leadership team


I had the pleasure of spending a little bit of time with Francis, the Hotel Director, and Irina, the Guest Services Manager. These two are responsible for everything a guest sees during their vacation (food, entertainment, housekeeping, etc.). They have a TON of responsibility, but they do an amazing job. I know that’s true because Carnival provides some of the most amazing customer service I’ve seen in any industry. I had to donate a copy of my new book to the ship as a token of my appreciation.

#9: The Cruise Director


I also had the pleasure of meeting our Cruise Director, Kevin. He’s witty, funny, and extremely entertaining. This guy set the stage for everyone to kick back and enjoy themselves, and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to lead the charge. Great job, my man — you made everything amazing.

#10: My parents


Last, but definitely not least — I loved the quality time I was able to spend with my mom and dad. I love them more than anything, and it’s a pleasure to take care of them after all they’ve done for me.

Big thanks to the Carnival team for creating memories that will last for a lifetime.

This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.

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