Time For A (Diaper) Change

Something happened recently that bothered me. I’ve written about this topic a few times in the past, but I need to revisit it again because it’s time to take some action and I need your help. Let me explain.

Here’s the situation: My wife and DDW1 (my toddler daughter) spent some “girl time” together Saturday afternoon, so I took the baby out on the town. During our excursion, she pooped (5 month old babies tend to do that every now and then).

Changing table only in the women's room? Not cool.

A changing table only in the women’s room? Not cool.

I took her to the men’s restroom of this unnamed establishment and there was no changing table. I looked for a Family restroom, but there wasn’t one. Then I noticed that the women’s restroom door was propped open due to it being cleaned and there was a changing table in plain sight (pictured here).

So what did I do?

This time I left and changed her in the back of my SUV without raising a fuss. As I typed a lengthy email to the corporate offices, I realized that this is a huge problem. Companies like this are basically saying, “Only women can change diapers here.” It’s damn near 2014, not 1914. This is not OK with me.

My old school followers know how much I dislike companies that operate this way, and as I stated earlier – I’ve even blogged about it a couple of times. The difference now is instead of complaining about it, I’m going to use my small platform to take action.


Important Point:

First, let’s be clear about who the enemy is. I know there are plenty of establishments that have changing tables in both restrooms or have Family restrooms. They’re our friends (more on them later).

I know there are establishments that don’t have changing tables in any of their restrooms. Basically they’re saying that they don’t cater to children and offer zero apologies for it. As a parent with an almost 3-year old and a 5-month old, I’m totally cool with this. If they don’t want my kids in their place of business, I’ll either go there without my kids or they won’t get my hard-earned cash. Simple as that. I’m not *that parent* who thinks every establishment should be kid-friendly. Shit, there are places that I enjoy going to simply because they don’t cater to children.

The source of my ire is solely directed upon the businesses that consciously decide to install changing tables in women’s restrooms, but not in the men’s restrooms (and have no Family restrooms, either). They’re fine with young children visiting their establishments, but if they soil themselves, there better be a woman around to take care of it. Do you know what’s scary? Many of these businesses weren’t built in the 1950s; actually, many are brand-spanking new. I can just picture what the owners must’ve thought when they made that decision………

“Only chicks change diapers, so we’re not going to waste time by putting a changing table in the men’s room. Only a punk-ass man would complain about not being able to change a diaper here, anyway.”

I ain’t no punk-ass man.

It’s unbelievably sexist (against men and women) to do something like this. What about single dads? What if a dad was out by himself and it was freezing cold, raining, or snowing outside and he had to change his baby in the backseat of his car? What if a dad felt that the best option was to change his precious baby on the grimy floor of a public restroom? Ladies, I’m sure many of you had your stomach turn at the thought of that, but you’d be shocked to know how many times I’ve witnessed this happen in my lifetime.

So yeah – those companies are the enemies.


Call to Action:

Every good movement requires the backing of people who believe strongly in the cause, and quite frankly – there are two types of people when it comes to this: 1) People who believe in the cause or 2) Mouth-breathing morons. You’re not a mouth-breathing moron, right? Good.

Now that we’ve established you’re firmly planted in Category #1, here’s what I ask from you. Feel free to choose one or both options.

Option #1 – Celebrate: Whenever you come across a company, business, or restaurant doing the right thing, namely, having changing tables in the men’s and women’s restrooms, let me know. Send me the name of the establishment by emailing it, Tweeting it to me (#TeamDDW), posting it on my DDW Facebook wall, etc. Also, be sure to include their Twitter handle or Facebook page link. I will personally give these companies a shout on my social media pages and/or send a personal note to congratulate them for doing what’s obviously correct.

Option #2 – Call Out: Whenever you come across a company, business, or restaurant with a changing table in the women’s restroom but not in the men’s restroom (Editor’s Note: If the company has a Family restroom in lieu of a changing table in the men’s restroom, we’ll let it slide…for now), do what I do: speak to the manager/business owner, send a letter of complaint to the corporate offices, stop giving them your money, and let them know you won’t tolerate this nonsense. Seriously, I don’t know my ass from my elbow when it comes to installing a changing table in a restroom, but I’m fairly confident that it isn’t complicated or expensive to do. If they step their game up and follow through, they’ll instantly move into the “Celebrate” category. If they drag their feet or ignore us, we’ll spend our money elsewhere.

In both situations, please be responsible. I don’t want women going into men’s restrooms or vice versa just to see what the changing table situation is. Be smart and enlist someone of the opposite sex to check for you. When a company does the right thing or the wrong thing, let me know and we’ll go from there.


The Bottom Line: 

The bottom line is the “changing table problem” isn’t helping the effort to create a world of more good, involved dads. There is a sizable percentage of men when faced with the no-changing-table-in-the-men’s-restroom dilemma that would simply shrug their shoulders and walk back to their wives with their smelly kids in tow saying, “It looks like you’ll have to change little Tommy. Hey, it’s not my fault! There’s no changing table in there!” or (even worse) have the kids suffer in a soiled diaper until they get home if their spouses aren’t with them. Being about as subtle as a sledgehammer in a glass shop, society drops another crappy example of how far we need to go to level the playing field when it comes to parental responsibilities. There are plenty of good dads out there who share my outrage about this foolishness, but on the flip side – there are also some knuckleheaded dads who use these examples as proof that they shouldn’t be taking care of these diaper changing duties in the first place. That’s a problem. A problem that must be fixed.

By the way, I’m sure there are a few of you thinking, “Really, dude? Why are you focused on this?  Get over it. There are bigger problems in the world.” My answer to those people?

No shit, Sherlock.

Just know that when a good dad’s baby craps himself/herself in a public setting and he has no place to change said baby that’s having a Level 5 meltdown, there is no bigger problem in the world to him at that moment, trust me.

So yes, this is a movement that I’m going to put my full force behind. I have no idea if anyone else is working on it, all I know is that they didn’t get the job done because the problem still exists. I We will get the job done. Business owners will need to decide if it’s worth pissing off involved dads like me and the other DDWs reading this post not to have a changing table in both restrooms. What about the frustrated moms reading this? I know they’re not happy about this either. Bullshit like this sets them back 50 years. No one in their right minds wants to anger these ladies.

This isn’t about changing diapers, it’s about changing paradigms. Dads are more involved than ever, more loving than ever, and quite simply – better than ever. Don’t believe me? Read this. And when you’re done, read this. This is just a sampling of the amazing men who kick ass for their families every damn day.

Final memo to business owners: I’m not asking you to explain the Higgs boson to me. I’m asking you to put a damn changing table in your men’s restroom if you already have one in your women’s restroom. Like I said earlier, if you decide that you’re not a kid-friendly establishment and refuse to install any changing tables in your men’s or women’s restrooms, that’s totally fine by me. If you have a Family restroom instead of a changing table in the men’s restroom, that’s a great start - but why not just finish the job by installing one in all of your restrooms?

Again, this movement will never gain traction without your help. Share this post with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Share this post with businesses that are doing the right and wrong thing. Share this post with fellow bloggers. Share this post with your local news stations and newspapers. Share this post with your crazy uncle that you’ll see during Christmas. Share this post with anyone and everyone.

The fact that this is even an issue in this day and age is a complete joke. But with you on my team, it won’t be an issue for much longer.

So as I’ve done in previous blog posts, I’ll leave you with one question:

Are you in or out?



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  1. Heather B says

    You should just go in the ladies if you find yourself in that position again. I (the mom) have used the men’s changing table at Starbucks when the women’s had a line. Whatev…you do what you gotta do to deal with the diaper situation. One super feature of the men’s changing table is that it is always stocked with those paper changing table covers!

  2. Katie says

    My husband is a very involved father for sure! He takes over the nights and the weekends for me, which is awesome. I love not having to be “ON” 24/7. Anyway, I did have to apologize to him after reading this article. When we’ve been out and about in the past and he’d say “There’s no changing table in there, you’ll have to change Scott” I thought he was just relinquishing his duty. Knowing now that this is a legit issue, I kind of feel like a d-bag :(

    Steve and I are proud to support your movement!!!

  3. nikki says

    I love this!!! Since our daughter was born, my husband has made it his goal to make sure every place we go the men’s room has a changing station (or at least a family bathroom). He always let’s them know how sexist it is to have one in the women’s and not the men’s.

  4. Rick says

    I refuse to put my kid on the floor of a public bathroom. I try to find an out of the way booth or two chairs pulled together, and the staff is often very helpful in finding a good place to use. Sometimes they suggest the floor, which I politely decline. Often I end up in store rooms, break rooms, etc.

    I try to be polite to the other patrons (it isn’t their fault, after all), and was almost always ignored. I got a few dirty looks over the years, but most people choose not to investigate.

    Looking back (my youngest is near potty trained), any complaints would be a great opportunity to suggest offended parties request management make a changing table available.

  5. Kathleen says

    Coming from Australia where baby change facilities are often completely separate with proper change benches and chairs and even microwaves and things for siblings to play with, and at the very least a fold out in the disabled toilets (which are unisex), travelling to the US and UK (and then France and Ireland) was so frustrating. I actually hated change tables in the main toilets. I much prefer the privacy of separate facilities. Good for calming an excited toddler down!

  6. Gordon says

    As a UK Dad I have found that bigger establishments/Companies/locations tend to have disabled toilets which are equiped with Nappy (a UK diaper!) changing stations so I tend to go there first. In our local Sainsburys (big supermarket) the disabled toilets are labelled as Baby change/Disabled facilities.
    It’s very hit amd miss in the mens loo’s (restrooms!) though ranging from full on pull down changing unit to a old scruffy changing mat to nothing at all.

  7. Kristin SM says

    As a woman I wouldn’t be the slightest bit annoyed if a man (maybe for his own conscience knocking on the door and announcing his intentions first) entered the ladies room to use the changing table to change his kid’s diaper… He might even get an applause! Ladies rooms for the most part have all lockable stalls, so there is no risk of seeing anything but ladies washing their hands and/or applying makeup in the “lobby” part, so I really don’t see the problem.

    Most restaurants and malls here in Norway choose to have either single lockable unisex restrooms where one has a changing table, separate baby changing/nursing rooms, or combined disabled/baby changing restrooms. I find it annoying that the separate “family rooms” rarely have a toilet, which is an issue with a pottytraining 2-yearold still wearing diapers, who often “remembers” that she has to go just when she’s on the changing table with no diaper on…

  8. says

    As a father with young girls, I can relate to this. Churches and businesses need to understand that not only women change diapers. I have been tempted to go in a women’s bathroom to to change them since there is a changing table in there 90 % of the time. I do not get why places ignore the fathers. I have not written any establishments about this yet. Let’s make some noise in 2014 and get this issue in their faces. Men change diapers too!

  9. says

    THANK YOU. I fight this battle regularly. I’m passionate about parenting equality and am so happy to have found your blog. Luckily, I have a husband who feels exactly as you do on the subject of parenting, and is a strong, unapologetic, very involved dad.

    Anyway, story on this subject, we were travelling and out at a restaurant with our one-year-old when he had a big poo – you could smell it tables away. I’d been caring for the baby most of the day so DH says “I’ll change him, you enjoy your glass of wine”. Yay! Well he’s stood up with the diaper bag and asks the waitress “which way to the washrooms?”. She points, but says “just so you know, there’s no changing table in the Men’s room, your wife will have to change him”. *sigh*. I rant a bit about it, but since the smell is still permeating the room and disturbing others, I stand up and go change him.

    This still isn’t sitting well with me, so I ask to speak to a manager at the end of the meal. I point out how great they’ve been with our child (establishing that they are indeed a child-friendly restaurant – I agree with you that not all need to be) and let him know that I am disappointed in the lack of changing table in the men’s room. He looks surprised and tells me there IS a changing table in there. It was the waitresses sexist-assumptions that were wrong! He assured me he would educate all staff and apologized profusely.

    Moral of the story – check for yourself and always say something!
    Jessica recently posted..New Site!My Profile

  10. Dawn says

    Agreed, but since my husband is not usually there, I am usually in need of a FAMILY restroom for my 7yo son (who can go by himself in the men’s, but I prefer to have him with me for safety), my 3yo daughter & 7mo baby. The only places I can think of with the family restroom are IKEA and Wal-Mart. A lot of other places like the Dollar Tree and JoAnn Fabrics have single room restrooms, but my son totally objects to going in the one with the girl on the door…. *sigh*

    What do we do about the ones who claim to be kid friendly (schools, medical buildings), but still don’t have changing tables? I think they don’t install them bc they don’t want to deal with smelly diapers. I had a drs office (who was seeing one of my children) refuse to let me change my baby’s diaper on their exam table (no changing tables in restrooms) bc the smell was still there from the last time I changed her (30 min earlier)!

  11. Joslyn says

    i Love it! It is a challenge, I would also like to add, that maybe when deciding on where to place the changing table, don’t place it in the handicapped stall.

  12. Hearnx7 says

    This is an refreshing blog, it is amazing how the World makes dad’s look if they decide to truly be involved with their children. I have been married to a wonderful man for 22 years and we have 5 children and he enjoyed their babyhood, childhood, teenage years, and now some are adults. He was there and changed diapers, gave baths, feed, played, and had an active hand in their raising. He wasn’t’ the daddy, who was just always fun, he taught them things. Now that our oldest son is 20 and on his own, he has let us know he is so thankful for his dad being an example and an active part of his life. He is thankful for lectures, that seemed never ending and that taught him WHY you don’t do things or WHY you should do things. I would also like to thank you for being that hands on father, your children will be blessed and you will never regret the time spent with them. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, enjoy it, they grow up way too fast!

  13. Jason Hartwick says

    This surprises me, actually. I have never been out and not had the option of changing my babies. I’m in Canada, in Central Ontario, and I cannot think of a place that does not have either a change table in the men’s room or at least a Family bathroom. One of the Walmarts here has them in all three washrooms (the other one has a huge family washroom with a counter large enough to change triplets on). Even a lot of the places where they have a “back-out-to-turn-around” size bathroom will cram in a change table. Fight the fight, though – speaking from experience, it’s worth it!

  14. liz wp says

    i live in ca where there are a lot of places with changing tables in both restrooms, but i’ve seen places with really small bathrooms just put a drop down changing station right over the toilet. i had to go to a funeral at a vfw hall and take my son and they didn’t have any changing tables at all. i had to change him on a table outside in the back. the restrooms barely had enough space to take care of it. a few times when my son was still squishy i had to take his car seat out of the stroller and change him with the seat all the way down. and i’ve done numerous diaper changes in the car, and i’m the mom.

  15. Sarah says

    My husband is a stay-at-home dad, and I think I get more irritated with this issue than he does. He uses the car, but I think it’s ridiculous gender discrimination that he doesn’t get the same courtesy from businesses that I would. More power to you. Will keep my eyes open for the actual culprits and winners.

  16. Eric Chow says

    Tosha, are you talking about Ontario, California, or Ontario Canada?

    As far as I know, in Ontario, Canada, any failure to provide a change table in the Men’s Restroom is considered to be a violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code. I know this since I was a temp at the Ontario Human Rights Commission back in 1999 and saw several cases in which Men complained of discrimination against establishments because there was no change table in the Men’s room. The OHRC successfully argued that this was a violation towards accommodation, and now the case is considered as precedent in Common Law. As a result, I am not aware of any establishment that only has change tables in the Women’s restroom and none in the Men’s.

    That said, I support DDW in his efforts to change this in California. I frequently change my son’s diapers whenever possible, and these change tables are a godsend.

    • MrsEL says

      Really it’s against OHRC? I know of tons of places that only have them in the ladies room. you can look here. napkinsandnappies.com it shows women’s vs both. play with the maps tags. it is sad

  17. Bemused says

    Hey, Love your blog!

    Having raised 4 children without any restrooms having changing tables – I don’t even remember seeing them – I find this post a little amusing.

    We just changed our babies out in the car. I remember plenty of cold wipes pressed against my belly to warm them, blankets laid out on the vinyl seats and strategically placed between seat belt receptacles, wind-blocks with anything and everything handy, and uber-quick changes with only their tiny little fannies exposed.

    I think it must come from a perceived slight against men, but honestly, I suspect it just doesn’t cross their minds. While your involvement in caring for your children is as it should be with all fathers, you are in a very small minority of the population.

    I think, rather than being angry, simply walking up to the management with your children in tow, and kindly expressing your disappointment and your desire to continue to patronizing their establishment if they could install a changing unit, followed up by a letter, would be a terrific way to approach this.

  18. Sarah says

    Thank you for recognizing this, I never knew that any one else thought this was a problem. My husband and I are both in the military, and when my daughter was eight months old, I had to go to training for 10 weeks in another state, leaving my husband alone to care for our daughter. He often found there was no place to change during his travels. And you are absolutely right, it is the most important thing in a person’s life when you have a screaming child with a dirty diaper and there is no changing table and it is too cold to be hanging outside of your car trying to change them. Thanks for celebrating your fatherhood and your family!

  19. Sherean says

    I make a point to note whether or not a restaurant has changing rooms in both bathrooms in my Yelp reviews so parents can vote with their wallets.

    When our son was a baby, he was VERY heavy and sometimes they put the changing tables up too high for me, so my husband almost always changed his diaper when we were out. He never thought it was a big deal (he’s a good daddy!), but we had a lot of head-scratching over why so many men’s rooms didn’t have changing tables. It’s stupid.

  20. Shauna says

    I agree. My husband and I always did every other and there were several times that he would come back because there was no where to changer her in the men’s restroom.

  21. Johanna says

    My “solution” when a restaurant doesn’t have a change table: I change baby on the restaurant table, ours or an empty one nearby. They have a proble, with that, I tell them to install a change table. By the time someone comes to complain, it is too late to move me anyways ;) so that’s what I do. I don’t see why dads couldn’t do the same. Or just go into the women’s like someone above (Alex I think) suggested.

  22. Lena says


    Here’s what I’ve done in the past! I’ve made my husband change our son at the back of the restaurant on an empty booth seat. Hey, the staff was rude about not having a changing table in the bathroom, when they clearly have booster seats and high chairs AND a kids menu! So there!

  23. kelly says

    Thanks for the post and for being a stand up dad! Having grown up in an era when the dad’s job largely ended at “bringing home the bacon,” I’m blessed with a husband very involved in raising our children. After almost 20 years, it still freaks me out sometimes that he enjoys being the daddy!

    I haven’t changed diapers in more than 15 years, but I’d like to add to the restroom equality issue that as a parent of an autistic adult (19) family restrooms are a much needed option. As a mom, it is now virtually impossible for me to take my grown son to a public restroom without having management shut down a ladies room. File it under the “things I never thought I’d care about” category, but I actually expend a great deal of energy looking for a place to pee!

    I’m not a tweeter o facebooker, but I want to throw out kudos to Publix who very often provide family restrooms. Toilet issues don’t always end with the diapers!

  24. Brent says

    As a sportswriter I work out of the house, which means I’m the one with our 7 month old daughter most of the time. It’s a great, rewarding experience and I wouldn’t change it for anything. But the changing station situation is one of the most frustrating experiences in the world.

    At one restaurant when I realized there was no changing table in the men’s room the manager asked me “Isn’t more of a woman’s job?” At a coffee shop I had a female employee offer to “handle it for me” (meaning change my daughter in the women’s room).

    It’s really crazy.

    There’s also the other issue, which is almost as frustrating: The men’s room changing station in disrepair. From talking to my wife it’s far more common for a men’s room station to be dirty or broken or some other sort of fucked up than the one in the women’s room. It’s ridiculous.

  25. Rachel says

    I am a new reader……Love it!!!! I am a working mom of four little boys, yep, four, and my husband stays home to take baby duty and house patrol while i am at the office. Our youngest two are still in diapers. Guess what happens when they are out and about and they decide to both take a ca-ca poo in the middle of the store???? Out to the car. My husband has made a stand and gone to change them in the womens’ room before, also in the bottom of a shopping cart in front of the managers office…hey gotta prove a point somehow right???? Anyway, love what you do….keep on keepin on. You are the bomb!!!

  26. Eric says

    I’m in! As a father of a two year old I am constantly amazed by how many places I go that has this problem! My kid’s doctor outfits the women’s room with changing tables but not the men’s room! What’s up with that? The things I never took notice of until I became a father just astounds me, really.

  27. ShanaScience says

    This has always been an issue for our family. My husband and I have two kids 2 years apart, a boy and a girl. So there was a time when everybody was on call for diaper duty. But my husband rarely had a place to change the kids. We converted the stroller to a portable changing station with crafty use of a plank of wood and a layette pad that stowed under the stroller. However, as my son has gotten older (he is blind and mentally disabled) taking him to the toilet has been more of a chore. He still wears diapers but there often isn’t enough room in any stall including the handicapped stall to maneuver around. I’ll spare the details of how we do it, but it doesn’t involve him laying on the floor. Our problem now is that people complain to the management when my husband goes I tot he stall with him (because at 16 my boy looks like a grown man) and they complain when I bring him in the women’s bathroom for the same reason. One lady had a full fledged melt down screaming that he would rape everyone in the bathroom. When our daughter was young, we had similar issues when my husband took our daughter to the bathroom, so it was hard for him to go anywhere with her alone. The bathroom tends to be the one hang up that makes outings difficult. As a military family (both of us were active duty army) Europe was waaaaay ahead of the USA both in bathroom accommodations and in people who understand that parenting isn’t always woman’s work.

  28. suze says

    My husband was the stay at home parent with our first born and this was a big issue for him too. In Australia we tend to see disabled facilities doubling up as ‘fAmily’ change facilities. I think this is better than nothing.

  29. says

    Just found this blog and really love it! I’m currently the primary childcarer for my son but next year my husband will be due to work situations and I know he’d find this blog fascinating and useful. As far as changing goes I’m starting to get quite proud of my ‘changing on the bathroom floor’ technique in small cafes. Thankfully in our area the places that do have changing facilities tend to have them in the disabled toilets, probably as disabled loos have more space in them, which both men and women are allowed into.
    Emily recently posted..Anthropological fiction: three men in a boatMy Profile

  30. Lisa J-F says

    I have 2 older children and 2 small children and the older ones father wouldn’t change their diapers and didn’t “feel” like babysitting on some days,so your blog is very nice to read. My 2 younger ones father and I are married and he is a full time daddy and changes diapers and feeds them and bathes them. It is a wonderful thing to have a MAN that embraces being parenting unit. I agree with you on here that it is not right in the least that majority of businesses don’t remember that MEN are more family oriented.

  31. says

    I recently took my 3 kids to a Wendy’s in Connecticut while my husband stayed behind at the family funeral we were attending. We are from PA, so I had never been to this particular restaurant. My 12 month old son filled his diaper while we were there and I was shocked to find that there wasn’t a changing table in the women’s room. And since it was 3* outside, changing him in the van was out of the question. We high-tailed it back to the hotel and thankfully avoided any rashes/burns but I was definitely irritated. I mean, it was WENDY’S for crying out loud. And yes, my husband can rarely change our son when we are out in public due to the lack of changing tables in the men’s room.

  32. Jen says

    The 99 Restaurant (at least the one in Lynnfield, MA) has a changing table in the men’s room! Yay!

  33. says

    This is the worst for us. We travel by car a lot and I always have to change 100% of the diapers 100% of the time because there aren’t any changing tables in the men’s restrooms along the way (CA). This is absurd to me. Men are parents too! It’s not so bad if we’re just out to lunch but when we’re on an all day trip across the state and I have to do all the ‘dirty’ work, it adds up. By the time we reach our destination I’m beat. So much for vacation.

  34. Carol says

    How about men in domestic partnerships – how do they change their children’s diapers? This is very unfair and very narrow minded.

  35. Kate says

    I read your post with intense interest, nodding in agreement all the way.
    This is an important topic and needs to be addressed. If these businesses want OUR business, they need to get up to speed, right now. In the future, I will be looking for family bathrooms with changing tables and if there isn’t one, I will ask “Why not?”

  36. Leanne Catanese says

    OMG You are SO right! My husband is SUCH an amazing father and tries to change her diaper when we go out ALL THE TIME, but somehow she always makes it back to me and I have to get up and take her in the women’s restroom to change her. I will SO be sending you some establishments that are winning and failing. Thank you for taking a stand and doing something about this!!!

  37. Sasha says

    I’m definitely going to start sending these to you. My husband is amazing and tries not to make me do diapers at all when he’s home since he works 80 hour weeks, but sometimes it’s between him changing the baby on the floor or asking for my help. He’s asked a manager if he could enter the women’s restroom to change a diaper when out and he’s been told to ask me to do it instead, with a look suggesting that I should have been doing it in the first place, which I thought was absolutely ridiculous! I’m running a home daycare and when I’m out to lunch because for once nobody needed a last-minute babysitter I DO NOT want to change any butts. Thanks for addressing this and know our family is 100% on board!

  38. courtney says

    My husband hates it when places have a womans room changing table but not a mens room one……we sometimes voice our disappointment to management when we come across it….but you’re right we should do it all the time!……i’m glad you’re doing this……thank you for your work!

  39. Michael Hertzman says

    Single father of a 16 month old, happens to me so often it’s become normal for me to ask if there’s a changing table in the women’s room before I even check the men’s room. Although, I’ve never once found an establishment not willing to make the women’s room temporarily Out Of Order for me to have 10 minutes, with one exception. That exception unfortunately(for the restaurant) happened to be my little sister’s place of employment, so during the VERY BUSY rush hour, she raised all sorts of hell to the management and refused to work while she stood guard at the door. Could she have changed her nephew’s diaper for me? Of course she could have. But the restaurant also COULD have just spent the $15 it costs to get a changing table in the men’s room. They didn’t, so she didn’t. According to her that changed about two weeks later, you’re welcome fathers of Collier County, FL.

  40. says

    Help us empower parents with the Changing Table Locator app!!

    There is nothing worse that discovering that there is no place to change your baby at a restaurant or other business. Most municipalities in the United States do not require any sort of changing accommodation to be provided for children in restrooms. We want to change that, not through increased regulation but instead through social pressure on businesses that do not provide essential services for families.
    Our website and soon to be integrated smart phone app allow for parents to make informed decisions about where they choose to eat or shop. They can also find the closest place to change their child in a pinch. As parents, this issue is important to us as is keeping this information available to everyone.
    We’re excited about our campaign site for http://www.changingtablelocator.com and hope you will consider a donation. We need everyone’s help to raise $6,000 to fully integrate our website and smart phone app. By entering the web address, you are taken right to the fundraising site and can follow the easy directions for donating.
    Please share this message on your Facebook/Twitter pages as well as email everyone you know that has a child in diapers in their lives. Spread the word and help support us. So far, this entire project has been one of pure love, work and personal contribution.
    Enter the web address http://lnkd.in/dru64rs in your browser and empower parents today!

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    I love the idea of this campaign:) I’ll put my husband on alert for letting me know when we’re at places with changing tables in both restrooms or just the women’s. Also, in the meantime, wanted to let you know I mentioned you in my hint on 8 ways to change a diaper on the go when no changing table is nearby (the car is one method included). See the link below to today’s hint.
    Jennifer (aka Hint Mama) recently posted..Today’s Hint: 8 Ways to Change a Diaper On the Go When There’s No Changing TableMy Profile

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    I would really love it if there was a list somewhere of businesses that do and don’t have changing tables, along with the sexist table-in-ladies-room-only situation. I find it very frustrating when we are on a car trip, stop off at a restaurant that is supposed to be family friendly, and there’s no changing table whatsoever. If you are getting responses via twitter, can you post the list somewhere?
    Kelly recently posted..21 monthsMy Profile

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