Dads feeding babies for the first time

Being a parent is all about firsts.

First steps, first words, the first “I love you,” etc. But what about the first time we fed our babies solid food?

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Both of my daughters were breastfed and I had the pleasure of feeding them bottles, but the fun for me started when I started feeding them solid food. IMG_5539I remember the look on my daughters’ faces as I tried to give them applesauce for the first time. The result was a hefty swat that left my clothes covered in a big mess. From that point on, I decided if more food ended up in their mouths than on my shirt, I’d consider that a huge win. Here are a five stories from dads who shared their stories of first-time feedings:


1. Jack: I remember when I fed my youngest daughter solid food for the first time. She stared at me blankly for about five seconds before she gave me a smile that said, “Dude, why were you holding out on me for so long?? This stuff is yummy!”

2. Marissa and her husband Jared: When our daughter Gemma was 6 months old anytime we had dinner she would basically throw herself towards the plate. She was fighting for food. My husband Jared finally decided it was time to start feeding her food other than mama’s milk, which made me cry a little inside. Jared and our oldest Octavia took the reins on this one because I was too afraid she would choke…or worse, she my like it better than my food supply! Of course, she scarfed the sweet potatoes down like a little pig. She could barely sit up in her high chair (it was her first time using that too.) So every time she would go in for the bite her head would fall forward and almost smack the table. We had to wrap her in blankets to get her sitting up.

She was so proud and excited, daddy’s little eating rock star. Sure enough she came crawling back to me to wash it down!

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3. Brandon: Feeding my daughter for the first time was quite the experience. She still had her feeding tube and had never really had anything by mouth in 4 months. As soon as she tasted those green beans, she wanted more. This was how the feeding went:

ME: Feed a bite

HER: Swallow, yell “AHHHH!” with her mouth open like a baby bird wanting food

ME: Feed another bite as frantically as I could

(repeat until full)

She’s four now and has entered her picky phase, but I’ll never forget those first bites.

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4. Marcus: My biggest fear of feeding my son solid food was to ensure he didn’t choke. So I kept feeding him the smallest bites possible. Each time he would look at me as if to say, “I’m a BIG boy! I can take it! Give me more!” Now he’s 6 and he eats everything in sight. Just like me.

5. Stephen: I remember feeding my twin girls for the first time. I was so tired that I ended up feeding Olivia twice and giving Emma nothing. I kept wondering why Emma was so upset with me while Olivia was giggling. Life with twins is no joke!

Do you have any great photos and stories of the dads in your lives feeding their babies for the first time? If so, share them with me using the #HeresToFirsts hashtag!


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  1. Meghan says

    #5 My twin siblings had the same first sentence of “My turn now!” for that very reason.

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