11 Things I Did During My Winter Break

I’m back! Whether you were counting the minutes until I returned, didn’t notice I was gone, or landed somewhere in between – I’m happy to come back from my self-imposed two week break from writing and social media. In case you were wondering, this is how I spent my time.

#1: I spent one child-free day to myself and I took a 3-hour nap. It was glorious. I’m pretty sure the last time I took a 3-hour nap we had a white president.

#2: I noticed what happened with Macy’s and I’m very pleased about the swift action that was taken. By now you know how I feel about changing tables in men’s restrooms, and hopefully other businesses will take note.

#3: My break started with one of my daughters getting the stomach flu, and a day later, the other one got an ear infection – so that was great. And by “great,” I mean the polar opposite of great.

#4: Christmas was epic as usual and Santa took good care of my family. I even received these amazing pajamas. Yes, it’s a head-to-toe adult onesie with a hood. Instead of wondering why I have one, you should ask yourself why you don’t have one.


#5: Best Christmas gift: Manga-Tiles. The kids love them, I love them, and they provide hours of endless fun and creativity.


#6: Worst Christmas gift: The “No! Pen.” If you’re unfamiliar with this horrific monstrosity, let me fill you in. The pen part is completely irrelevant. The thing that matters is there’s a button on the back of it that says “No!” in a dozen different ways whenever you press it. It’s loud and unbelievably annoying. However, when that “gift” is given to a two-year-old and a four-year-old, it instantly becomes the best thing ever to them.


So who gave my kids this wonderful present? My mom, of course. This is the same lady who thought it would be a good idea to give my kids harmonicas for gifts last year. EFFING HARMONICAS, people. She takes great joy in tormenting me due to all of the years I tormented her.

#7: Speaking of my mom – she finally joined Facebook after eight years of me trying to convince her to do so. I asked her to follow me, but she said, “Why would I do that?” Sigh…

#8: I took the kids to the LA Zoo for some quality time with the animals, and my daughters enjoyed some time petting the goats. That’s always a good time…


#9: It was a good time until I had to explain to my kids what the goats were up to when they decided to have a “good time” of their own. “Uh…they’re just wrestling, girls. Let’s just move on to something else, okay?”


#10: I made a quick appearance on the Today Show. You can move to the 2:22 mark to see me if you don’t want to sit through the whole thing.

#11: In my short time as a parent, I still haven’t made it until midnight on new year’s eve. So I rang in the new year by having my two-year-old come into my room at 4:00 AM to inform me that she pooped.


That’s really it. Just a normal two weeks in my life. Cheers to an amazing, fun, and prosperous new year to everyone. Here we go!

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    HA! I love this list!! I am jealous of the PJs. While I had treated myself to an adult onesie this holiday season, mine does not have a hood!!! Still they are pretty awesome & I wonder why I had waited so long to purchase them! Magna tiles are also on my kids wish list, they look amazing to pay with and anything that doesn’t involve batteries is a plus in my book!

    OH and PS my mother in law got my 2 and 4 year old girls a MICROPHONE for christmas. And not just any microphone, one with THE WORST volume control dial ever… I feel your pain 😉 Happy New Year, can’t wait to read more!!
    meggs recently posted..Elf on the Shelf: Week 4My Profile

  2. says

    Adult onsies? This is what I hear “listen,young man, you need to get out of those onsies and into some clothes so we can go to the zoo.”

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