ErgoBaby Wearing For The Win

Here’s a really poorly-kept secret: I love baby wearing. Not only do I love baby wearing, but I will champion the benefits of baby wearing until the cows come home. Also, a baby wearing picture that allegedly “broke the Internet” might be the reason why you’re reading my words in the first place. During the media whirlwind I experienced in January, I kept dropping the name of the company that made the awesome carrier I’ve sworn by for the three years I’ve been a Daddy.

Not to mention, people always ask if I have a favorite baby carrier and my answer is always the same.

Ergo, Ergo, Ergo, Ergo, ERGO!

The awesome Ergobaby Marketing team

Me and the awesome Ergobaby Marketing team

In almost every TV/radio interview, I mentioned the amazing carriers made by the wonderful folks at Ergobaby, and I’m sure they enjoyed the positive publicity that I provided to them. But hey, it’s real. I believe strongly in their products.

Those of you who’ve followed me for a long time probably notice that I don’t publicly endorse many products because A) I don’t like putting my name behind anything that I don’t 100% believe in and B) I’m not the easiest consumer in the world to please. I can usually poke holes in anything if I try hard enough.

The Ergo is a different story altogether.

In my mind, the Ergo is simply the best made and most comfortable baby carrier on the market, and it isn’t even remotely close. If you don’t believe me, just ask my wife and daughters (well, my 7-month old doesn’t say much other than “DaDa” these days, but you know what I mean). It is a meltdown-ending, nap-sending, heart-mending, fashion-trending piece of epicness that everyone should have in their arsenals if they have young children or will become parents in the near future.

Our family has 5 Ergos. Yes we are obsessed.

Our family has 5 Ergos. Yes we are obsessed. Clockwise starting from the bottom left, we have the original Ergo, the Ergo Sport, the Travel Ergo, the Ergo 360 (not on the market until April 2014), and the Ergo Performance.

As you can see, our family has five (yes, FIVE) different Ergos. To say we’re obsessed with this company would be the understatement of the century.

Other than comfort and quality, the Ergo carriers just look good. I remember when I was sitting down with my wife when we were pregnant with DDW1 over three years ago trying to select a carrier for our registry. More often than not, I would laugh at the other carriers and say, “There is no way in hell I’d use that.” Then when I saw the Ergo Sport, I was like, “It’s cool, sleek, and durable, and it’s in a great color. Let’s do it.” So we did and we never looked

DDW1 in our Ergo Sport, taken a year prior to the Daddy Doin' Work blog opening for business.

DDW1 in our Ergo Sport, taken a year prior to the Daddy Doin’ Work blog opening for business.

back. Here’s a photo of DDW1 when she was five months old in our Ergo Sport (this photo was taken over a year before I started the Daddy Doin’ Work blog). It was love at first wear for both of us.

Now let’s fast-forward to present day. When I was invited to meet the Ergobaby Marketing team in their Los Angeles offices, I didn’t hesitate to take them up on it. Christina (Ergobaby’s lovely Community Manager) gave me a brief tour of their office and her team gave me a rundown on what all of their carriers can do – and a lot of it was extremely educational.

Let’s start with the ridiculously cool Ergo 360 that doesn’t hit the market until April 17, 2014. This new carrier allows parents to place their baby in four different positions. Normally, I just put my girls in the position where they face

Facing out, on the back, and facing my chest while shooting hoops (and yes, my daughter was happy and safe in all three positions)

Facing out, on the back, and facing my chest while shooting hoops (and yes, my daughter was happy and safe in all three positions)

my chest, but I tried out a few additional options with DDW2 as you can see here. I know some parents are nervous about having babies facing out, but rest assured that the Ergobaby team spent a lot of time and money researching ways to ensure this is the most ergonomically-friendly carrier for babies and their parents (they are named “Ergobaby” after all). If worn properly, the baby is always in a natural seated position. If you’re worried about overstimulation of a baby facing out, just use common sense. Nobody knows your baby better than you do. If he/she is going bonkers or has a glazed look, simply turn them around facing your chest. That’s what makes the 360 so awesome. You have options. Many of them.

So when the baby is awake and wants to see the world, face him/her out. If the baby wants to be close to Daddy (or Mommy) for a nap, face him/her in. Out of all of the carriers these guys offer, this is my favorite due to the options and design.

The Travel Ergo? Genius. If you’re on vacation, in an airport, or just need a carrier in a pinch, this is a must-have. It’s lightweight, super portable (it can fit in the pocket of my cargo shorts), and can be used for any occasion.

The Tandem Wear

The Tandem Wear. You can’t see, but DDW1 is smiling on back.

The Performance Ergo is for active parents. Going on a hike? A walk on the beach? You gotta have one of these. Not to mention, it’s excellent for wearing toddlers on your back. Speaking of which, check out DDW2 in the Ergo 360 on my chest and DDW1 in the Performance Ergo on my back. Yes, the Tandem Wear is an “advanced move,” but it’s completely safe and surprisingly comfortable.

And last but not least, there’s the original Ergo. My wife loves the design and support – and it’s still extremely popular with Ergobaby’s followers. Everyone loves an original, right?

So there’s my impromptu commercial for the Ergobaby products our family uses. I know what some of you are thinking, so let me put this out there: Believe it or not, Ergobaby isn’t paying me a dime to offer these opinions and they didn’t even ask me to write this blog. I’m simply doing it because I believe in the power of baby wearing and I believe their company provides the best products to facilitate that. If there’s a product you love that also enhances the quality of your life in the process, you’d share it with the people you care about too, right? Of course you would. It’s no different here.

When it comes time to buy a baby carrier, do your research, talk to people you trust, and ask a lot of questions. It’s no secret that the Ergo is my favorite. No matter what you choose, we can all agree on the profound positive impact baby-wearing has when it comes to bonding with our children.

Baby-wearing for the win.


UPDATE: I’m running a giveaway where one lucky person will win a brand new Ergo! Follow the directions below to enter! 

NOTE: Due to high demand, the Ergo will ship to the winner in approximately 6 weeks. 

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  1. Jane says

    Doyin, I’m with you. I love Ergobaby and we have an Ergo Performance carrier that my husband uses all of the time with our son. We’re expecting another boy in June, so maybe we’ll get the 360 then.

    By the way, Ergobaby would be INSANE not to use you as a spokesperson. You’re smart, very good-looking, you are passionate about baby wearing and their products, and you’re singlehandedly spearheading a movement to make fatherhood cool. What’s not to like?? Great blog :)

    • MaryZ says

      Jane just took the words out of my mouth. How can these guys not hire you as a spokesperson? Companies pay big bucks to receive the positive publicity that you provided to them for FREE during your interview circuit! I can’t picture a better man to be the face of any company, let alone a company that believes in baby wearing. Get on it, Ergobaby! DDW is your man!!

  2. kyle says

    I haven’t ever used an ergobaby carrier but my dad just gave me one so I’m going to see if my husband would rather use that over the Moby wrap I love to use

    • says

      i love my moby too! that is… once i get it on. the wrapping and tying is a bit daunting for some, including my hubby. here’s hoping i win so i can maybe convince him to use the Ergo 😉

  3. Maryah says

    I’m gonna have to look into this. I’d love to have a better carrier. The one we have is older and the straps cut into my sides. Not one I’d recommend to others. Plus, always on the look out for one my husband will wear. He wore our current one once but I know he’d prefer something more comfortable for him and the baby.

  4. Linda says

    I’ve tried to wear my 8 mo old LittleOne using the Moby wrap, or an old carrier that was given to me when she was born. I’ve never felt really comfortable with either. The Moby worked when she was itty bitty but now that she is bigger and really wiggly I don’t fee I can get the wrap tight enough for her to be safe. The carrier we have doesn’t seem to fit really well on my small frame. After only a few min my back and shoulders are killing me. I would really like to get another carrier but i’m nervous about investing a whole bunch of money in something I’m not going to be comfortable. Also, do you think it’s ever to late to start wearing yer little one?

  5. Aaron says

    Tried it – hated it (My son, not me!) so there wasn’t much baby wearing going on in our household.
    At first, he was OK if he was facing outwards, so he could see, but pretty soon he started to dislike that too. You can have the best baby-carrier in the world, but unfortunately, its not up to us whether it works or not!

  6. Tessa Martin says

    I wish these were available when my girls were young, they seem like a brilliant idea. Back then it was a nightmare, our youngest is a complete mummy’s girl (and still is) whereas our eldest (3 years older) was (and is) a daddy’s girl, but when I was trying to get the teen ready for play school you could guarantee that the tween desperately needed me to hold her. Unfortunately I had to put the tween in her seat while I dealt with the teen, feeling horribly guilty as the Tweens little heart was breaking. Parents guilt sucks!! So in many many many years to come when I’m a grandma, you better believe I’ll be rocking the Ergo!!!

  7. Sally says

    I’m due in 27 days (but who’s counting) and I have been trying to talk my husband into an ergo. We have the moby wrap and it is not functional. It’s so funny because once I decided I wanted an ergo, all I see is ergo ergo ergo! Hopefully he will see it my way (or just see the charge on the credit card bill).

  8. Clea says

    When our first was a newborn we had a hand-me-down bjorn which was SUPER uncomfortable … my aunt bought my sister an ergo (who had a kiddo the same age) which we snagged for a weekend to test out and have never looked back! We just got a hand-me-down for our second babe due in September so we can rock tandem style as well.
    Totally agree with you!!

  9. Justin says

    This is awesome, haha. My son is due mid April and a “baby wearer” was the item I was most excited about purchasing! But luckily we received one at our baby shower! WIN!

  10. Amber says

    I am so impressed the way you not only are happy to write about this great product, but the fact that you aren’t even sponsored by them to do it!
    Keep up the good work (and if Ergo does choose to sponsor you… even better!) my ergo carrier has totally saved us on so many occasions from sleepless nights, teething nightmares, busy mornings… the list goes on! I’m a new SDW and loving it!

  11. Chialea says

    FWIW, I like the Ergo for back carries (though it’s wildly uncomfortable for me on the front, for some reason). Once you have a toddler whose legs are so long that they’re not supported knee-to-knee, I’ve had better luck with a Kinderpack. Similar construction, but comes in bigger sizes!

  12. Daria McGregory says

    My daughter is almost 2 & very light weight for her age (20lbs) I want one of these for trips out & about when her little legs get tired & mommy’s arms just can’t carry her all day. Going to check them Out While I have A bit of tax money. Thanks for the great info.

  13. Orela says

    I miss my carrier my little girl is 22mths old and refuses to go in her carrier unless she’s extremely tired. I love that she wants to walk everywhere but I do miss the cuddles you get from the carrier position.

  14. Kreg says

    In 2005 was when I first heard of ergo. My now 11 year old dd was only 3 at the time and we bought it mainly to have her in it for our disneyland trip. Kids wear out easily there and i was not going to be responsible for a stroller nor be carrying her around in my arms. We already had a maya wrap which she loved being in, but did not seem practical for this trip. Plus being a new dad then, i wasnt to thrilled with the maya. The ergo was awesome. She fell asleep comfotably in it every evening, and i enjoyed carrying her around. We used it after until she grew out it. Definitly better than the crotch dangllers of other brands that just look so uncomfortable for babies and kids. Plus i learned the benefit of wearing you child close. Thanks for sharing.

  15. says

    The Ergo is great, but I do wish my baby enjoyed being worn more! He only tolerates it – and tolerates is truly the right word – for about an hour. But of the options out there, it definitely seems like the best one for infants.

  16. Em says

    I’m fairly new reading your blog. Wish I saw this post before purchasing a babyhawk. I’m half Korean and baby wearing has been a long tradition in our family. My grandmother was a farmer and had over 6 children to care for so baby wearing was a necessity. I wanted something a little more traditional. My family used a podaegi wrap but I wanted something a little more secure. So I found the babyhawk. I’ll admit the girl in me loved the design. I haven’t received it so I can’t say if I like it or not. It does have a lot of positive reviews online. I would definately would like to purchase a ergo for my husband to use. I just wish these baby carriers weren’t so darn expensive.

  17. Gigi says

    If there is a babywearing support group in your area, they would LOVE you! I’m a member of my local group and it’s great to see dads who see the benefits of wearing their kids as much as the moms do. My husband is one of our token dads who wanted to learn to back carry our little ones to keep his hands free while working around the house. We have 1 yr old twins and a 4 yr old so wearing is a means of survival.

  18. says

    I’d love to have an Ergo, but I really don’t know which one to try. Do any of them have downsides that make another model better?

  19. Cathy Kemper says

    I do not need this as my kids are young adults now. However, I have a very special friend who is pregnant with her second child and this would be wonderful for her!

  20. Carla says

    I do need this, as I am the very proud grandmother of twins, from son number 2 and a 7 month old granddaughter from son 3

  21. Andrea says

    I would LOVE to win this! My son NEEDS to be cuddled, all the time. He has some neurological issues, and really benefits from being close. However, the carrier I had was really old, and ripped so now I just carry him around. (Not the easiest thing when trying to chase 5 other kids around the house) :)

  22. Susan Hawkins says

    My niece is expecting her first baby. Her fiancé plays football for UVA and she is frequently at his games. She will be needing one of these so much! It would be a fantastic help for her!!!!

  23. karina says

    I’m expecting baby #2 and this new ergo 360 would be amazing to have. My 20 month old daughter still loves to be in her ergo. Thank you!! You rock!

  24. says

    I love, love, love the Ergo. I got one with my second daughter (the 1st was also still a baby at 1.5) and she literally lived in the first year of her life. I could walk around for hours with her in it and still play with my toddler. I have tried a lot of other carriers and this is one is by far, the best. Sometimes I still carry them in it (at 3 and 1.5) and I am looking forward to all that cuddling time with the 3rd one coming in August. Great post!

  25. Samantha G says

    It is important to me to keep my baby safe and secure. Also makes cooking and cleaning with two toddlers so much easier.

  26. Nicole says

    I totally argee with you! I love my ergo, and still use it with my 4 1/2 year old. It’s such a great product that makes life And exploring the world so much easier

  27. says

    So this may make me an enviable jerk…but I preordered my Ergo 360 back in March. It came at the beginning of April and I friggin’ LOVE it!! I only wish it had been around when my first was a baby. Thank you for promoting the benefits of baby wearing! It really is a short time in their lives and it’s nice to be able to be close to them. My daughter loves facing out. She sleeps facing in but gets antsy if you don’t switch her quickly. I never bought a bjorn because I was concerned about the position the baby was in. Instead I had a fleet of other carriers; the ergo sport, moby wrap, baby K’tan, baby balboa sling. Now the 360 is the only one I’ve had to whip out in ages. Yay! I hope the winner really enjoys it! I know I love mine!

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