I Care. Just Not As Much

If we care about our kids, we’re going to worry about them. Are they happy? Safe? Healthy? It’s what keeps us up at night. Unfortunately there is no way we can escape all of the stress and worrying that comes with parenthood, but it certainly can be lessened.

Recently I took my daughter to one of the best doughnut shops in Los Angeles for her weekend treat – a strawberry frosted doughnut with rainbow sprinkles. As she skipped happily out of the shop, she bumped into the door and predictably dropped the pastry on the sidewalk.

At that moment I could feel the gaze of onlookers fixated on me. Would I dump the doughnut in the trash and buy her a new one? Or would I just give it back to her?


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  1. Chris says

    Finally! A voice of reason in the howling wilderness of helicopter parenting. Good job, dad.

  2. Susan says

    as always I love what you have to say DDW. Spot on. You check for junk. No junk. So eat up.

  3. says

    I like how u think…also there’s that 5 second rule unless the area where the doughnut fell was saturated in godforsking stuff… btw your daughter has definitely changed in her looks… she';s growing up too fast! :-)
    chris recently posted..They’ve Arrived…My Profile

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