“I Wonder” – The Cover Reveal

I love, love, love writing – but I can honestly say that I never experienced more joy writing than I did while composing my upcoming children’s picture book titled, I Wonder. It’s also with great joy that I can announce it’s due to hit shelves in Spring 2016 and preorders will be available very soon.

Okay, so what is the book about, anyway?

I Wonder will be brought to you by mega-publisher Macmillan’s imprint Feiwel and Friends. The great folks at Feiwel and Friends are the ones who published Nancy Tillman’s epic best-selling title On The Night You Were Born, and recently published picture books with Taye Diggs and Jimmy Fallon – so needless to say, I’m honored to be a member of their team. My book salutes Daddies Doin’ Work all over the world who often wrestle with moments of insecurity in terms of how we’re raising our children. How we do things may not be “Mommy’s way” or the “best way” – but it’s our way, and our children benefit greatly from our love and involvement in their lives. Sure, I’m a little biased – but this promises to be a book that you will enjoy reading to your kids over and over again as it documents the immense power of fatherhood in real and emotional fashion.

So, with that said – this book is unique in the sense that all of the photos included came from my SDW (aka, my “Subscribers Doin’ Work” or my email subscribers, for the uninitiated). We received a TON of photos and it was really difficult choosing the ones to include on the cover, but what you see below is what my team decided on.

Was your photo selected for the cover?

If yes, great!

If not, please don’t take it personally. I wish I could’ve included every photo, but the book would rival War & Peace in terms of length if I went that route. Also, keep in mind that I didn’t reveal the photos that will be inside of the book, so there’s still a chance your photo will make the cut. You’ll have to wait until May 2016 to find out, though. #Teaser


(Click on the cover photo to see a larger version)

I Wonder_JKT_150

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  1. Tracey Munro says

    Oh it looks AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to get a copy of this book for my husband who’s a wonderful DDW. I hope we’ll be able to get it to New Zealand somehow. :-)

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