March Madness Part I, The Parenting Version

By now you know how much I love sports and the best sports tournament in the world starts this week (sorry, World Cup fans) – college basketball’s March Madness! 68 teams compete for three weeks of single elimination games to determine the ultimate champion. As a former college basketball player who lives and dies by this shit, I took a moment to realize something: Parenting is a lot more awesome than awful, but it definitely has it’s crappy parts. So why not have a few laughs by creating a parenting version of the tournament outlining some of the crappiness we all deal with? The ultimate winner will be crowned as the most annoying thing parents have to deal with. Here’s how it will work.

DDWlogo_basketballThere will be four regions and each one will have four items in it ranked from 1 to 4. Item #1 in each region will be the most annoying, followed by item #2, and so on (and yes, the rankings and items were chosen by me. You can argue all you want, but the selection committee’s decision is final). In each region, item #1 will be pitted against item #4 and item #2 will square off against item #3. The winners will do battle against each other for the right to make it to the Final Four and your votes will determine the winners of the four regions (see the diagram below to see how each region will be laid out).






Let’s get started.




ITEM #1 – Non-parents who give unsolicited advice to parents: This is the overall #1 seed in the entire tournament. Is there anything more annoying than someone without kids telling someone with kids how to do his or her job? I foresee this making a long run in the tournament.


ITEM #4 – Parents who brag about how perfect their kids are: They are the ones who boast about how Little Susie never throws tantrums and how Little Johnny wrote his own thank you cards for gifts he received from his second birthday party. Yeah, right…



ITEM #2 – Parents who give unsolicited advice to other parents: Definitely not as annoying as non-parents offering up their unsolicited two cents, but still it’s pretty damn annoying. Stop that shit.


ITEM #3 – One-upper parents: In other words, when you say that your kid started walking at 11 months old, they’ll pipe up and say, “HA! Well, my kid started walking at 10 months!” like it’s some sort of a competition or something. I can sense a potential upset in this matchup…


Who's more annoying between these two? I don't know, but I'd love to see them fight to the death.

Who’s more annoying between these two? I don’t know, but I’d love to see them fight to the death.



ITEM #1 – Caillou: He’s the #1 seed of this region for a reason. First off, I hate him because he looks like Charlie Brown and I LOVE Charlie Brown…and in stating the obvious, this kid is no Charlie Brown. Simply put, he’s a whiny, insufferable, bratty piece of animated dung. Take him off my television screen and never bring him back.


ITEM #4 – Dora The Explorer: A cute bilingual girl who apparently isn’t so bright. “Where’s Swiper? Behind me? Where? Are you sure? Is he really behind me?” YES, YOU EFFING MORON, HE’S BEHIND YOU! TURN AROUND, DAMMIT!! Not to mention, who uses maps other than Google Maps these days? Why is the Grumpy Old Troll involved? Shouldn’t he be the “Dirty Old Troll” if he finds it fun to hang out with a bunch of prepubescent children and farm animals? Somebody stop me.



ITEM #2 – Max & Ruby: Hey little rabbits, where the hell are your parents? Oh, I know – they ran off because Max is ridiculously obnoxious and his big sister Ruby acts like an angry middle-aged woman. For the life of me I can’t understand why any kid would find that show to be entertaining.


ITEM #3 – Spongebob Squarepants: I find myself chuckling during a few episodes, but overall it’s pretty dumb. However, the talking sponge will have to bring his A-game to beat Max & Ruby in this contest.




ITEM #1 – No changing table available when your children poop themselves in public: By now you know how I feel about changing tables in men’s restrooms, so I won’t recap it here; however, I know women deal with kids crapping themselves in public and finding no changing tables as well. Annoying doesn’t even begin to describe it.


ITEM #4 – Your kids delivering an epic tantrum or meltdown in public: You’re in the supermarket, Little Johnny wants some candy, you say no, and Little Johnny loses his damn mind. People in the store are looking at you as if to say, “Seriously, be a parent and keep your damn kid in order, you loser.” Shit, I had that happen to me during my daughter’s third birthday at Disneyland of all places. It wasn’t the happiest place on earth that day, I promise you.



ITEM #2 – Taking toddlers on an airplane: Is there anything more annoying than taking a three year old human on a 5-hour plane ride somewhere without drugging him or her?


ITEM #3 – Taking toddlers on a long car ride: Oh, I know – how about taking said three year old human on a 5-hour car ride instead without drugs involved? This is probably the most even matchup in the entire tournament.




ITEM #1 – Never getting a good night’s sleep: I don’t think this needs any further explanation.


ITEM #4 – Getting one of the P’s on your body, face, or mouth (poop, pee, or puke): My baby actually puked in my mouth over the weekend. All I’ll say is I would pay any therapist top dollar if they could help me un-taste that.



ITEM #2 – Potty training: Potty training blows and just to let you know how much I suck at it, my daughter turned 3 in January and she’s still in diapers. Save your unsolicited advice, because chances are I’ve already tried it. The good news is that if this continues, no boy in high school will want to date a girl who shits herself regularly (I’m joking…kinda).


ITEM #3 – Making your kids eat vegetables: This is annoying as hell for most parents. Oh, and if you brag about how your kids looooooooove veggies and eat them like candy, you automatically become the “bragging parent” in the PEOPLE region.


That’s it! Pick a winner for each game and pick a winner of each region only (and I’d love to read the reasons behind your choices, too). Do NOT pick an overall winner. That will be done in next week’s blog after I tally up all of your votes and release the Final Four.

Make your voices heard in the comment section.


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  1. Mom ok the Verge says

    I have autistic kids (think basketball in Vermont) so, here goes.

    People — non-parents will feel like asses later, but bragging people never do. One-upper parents are obnoxious, while parents with advice are trying to be helpful. Overall, it’s a close game between the braggers and the one-uppwes, but I think one-uppers are more malicious.

    Cartoons — doesn’t matter who wins game four, Caillou is taking this one.

    Out of the house — tantrums? Pfft. Please. No changing tables are a bigger deal, but I never think they’re clean anyway. In game six, there isn’t a changing table ANYWHERE on a plane. In the contest between the plane trip and the missing changing table, I’ll take the plane for sheer claustrophobia and other assholes saying, “Can’t you keep her quiet?”

    In the house — lack of sleep is a way of life. After a while you just laugh giddily. Poop licked off a finger by accident will scar a person. Vegetables or potty training? Let’s just say that no one outside your house will ever know that the kid won’t ear broccoli. Frikkin preschool won’t take them until they’ll use the toilet. Toileting versus bodily fluids goes to toilet training because of the pull-up bulge in the pants leads to he worst kind of judge mental behavior in others.

    In the third round–

    One-uppers vs Caillou depends on frequency of exposure.

    Traveling on planes vs toilet training is a short-term trauma versus a long-term trauma.

    I’m too scarred to make the final call…

  2. Little Norm says

    First match-up:
    Non-parents and their blissful ignorance for the win. When will “smacking some sense” into someone become legal?

    Second match-up:
    Dicky V’s upset special! One-upper parents: not awesome baby!

    Third match-up:
    Caillou wins by double digits. At least Dora presents an identifiable role model for a growing Hispanic-American population and has certainly done more good than harm. Who looks up to Caillou? Canadian boys with alopecia?

    Fourth match-up:
    Though there is not much in this world as annoying as SBSP’s laugh, Max & Ruby’s whimsical English antics sneak in by a nose. A very annoying, twitchy, needs-to-be-hit-with-a-shovel nose.

    Fifth match-up:
    The Duke of this tournament (see what I did there?), non-family friendly establishments during a Code Brown could sweep this region.

    Sixth match-up:
    We had to go into overtime for this one. We go to the replay and see that traveling by car DOES step over the line and has the ability to STOP THIS THING RIGHT NOW! and take a break. Therefore the officials rule that plane travel will advance.

    Seventh match-up:
    In a surprisingly easy victory, sleeplessness rolls past the 3Ps. It was clear from the bags under their eyes that they came to play.

    Eighth match-up:
    Our final game has potty training winning by the smallest of margins. It was the idea of keeping my daughter out of the dating pool (she is also 3) based on her continued incontinence. Does this make us bad dads? HELL NO. Just ask Brittany Spears’ dad, or Katie Holmes’ dad… we are revolutionaries.

    Ready for the Final Four!!!

  3. says

    Game 1: The non-parents giving advice is just plain annoying and I apologize profusely for ever having done this in the past.

    Game 2: I give this one to the one-upper parents. It’s just sad that they feel the need to do this and the moment they stop, they’ve either been informed how annoying they are or they’ve come to realize little johnny isn’t perfect after all.

    Game 3: Goes to Caillou. It didn’t take long for this house to banish him and if we happen to flip through the show I say “must have been a commercial”.

    Game 4: I just had to give this one to Spongebob due to his ability to negatively affect children’s cognition.

    Game 5: No changing table available is the worst. A poopy diaper needs attention right then. There’s a second-hand store I love to go to but no changing table. I’ve changed kiddos half in their infant carrier and half on the floor, and in the car when we’ve gone there. Both are nightmares. The bathroom floor is not the cleanest so while wrangling a poopy diaper I’m also making sure kiddo’s hands stay off the floor. While in the car I’m trying to make sure poop doesn’t get onto the fabric of the seats.

    Game 6: Horrible either way but I’ll take a toddler on a car ride over a plane ride. Sure you might get to go someplace super fun by taking a plane but in the car I have more control of the situation. I can keep them occupied up to departure at home instead of schlepping them and all the accompanying crap through the airport. If things go well we can stop at predetermined places for breaks/food/running around (ie tiring the kiddo so they sleep) and if things are not so good we can still stop when it’s safe for a break.

    Game 7: Never getting a good night’s sleep was my biggest concern when deciding to have kiddos as I’m super grumpy without sleep so it won this game. While I’ve never had any of the P’s in my mouth, I can deal with them. For some strange reason, drool is similar to kryptonite for me.

    Game 8: Making your kid eat veggies beats out potty training for us. While eldest kiddo is a good eater, she’s at the age of opposition so even if she liked it before, she now says she doesn’t like it. While potty training, a 7 hour car ride became 9 hours it was still better than trying to get her to eat just one small bite of food.

    People Region: Non-parents giving advice just continues to be eye-rolling annoying.

    Cartoon Region: Spongebob easily beat Dora this round.

    Out of the House Region: Taking a long car ride with a toddler is worse than no available changing table at poopy diaper time. While not fun, I can change a poopy diaper in many different places. A long car ride can lead to hearing the same phrases/songs over and over, boredom, and meltdowns and that’s the adults.

    In the House Region: Never getting a good night’s sleep wins here as it can influence how you handle the other not fun times of parenting.

  4. Moparkat says

    People Region – clean sweep: Non-parents who give unsolicited advice to parents. I work with two “old ladies” who one, never had kids and finds them annoying; and two, “I raised my brothers who were just 2 and 3 years younger than me”. Yeah right.

    Cartoon Region – slightly overpowered by throwing his star (Patrick) – Spongebob!!!!! Enjoyed by stoners and very very young children everywhere.

    Out of House Region – kids on a plane takes the screamfest title. No headphone goes loud enough. And no, I dont want your kid smiling at me by hanging on the back of its seat – turn it around.

    In the House Region – squeaking by with Potty training or lack there of. Why? It lasts forEVER! My daughter caught on and whizzed through this category while my son kept wetting the bed until age 8.

    Good luck to the rest of the competitors. I am pulling for Non-Parents advice.

  5. Lisa says

    This is AWESOME!

    Game 1: Item 1
    Game 2: Item 2
    REGIONAL WINNER: Item 2 (I know I know…but really, these people are often #2/3/4 *combined*, and they are MUCH more annoying than Item 1)

    Game 3: Item 4
    Game 4: Item 3
    REGIONAL WINNER: Item 4. Dora has been banned in my home. Because she DOES NOT STOP YELLING.

    Game 5: Item 1
    Game 6: Item 2
    REGIONAL WINNER: Item 2 – still traumatized by that air pressure change incident

    Game 7: Item 1
    Game 8: Item 3
    REGIONAL WINNER: Item 1 – self-explanatory

  6. Sabrina says

    Game 1: Item 1, maybe because my roommate has no kids and is CONSTANTLY telling me how to raise mine….
    Game 2: Item 3. Won’t they ever shot up?
    Overall: close one, but I have to go with item 1, maybe because I’m around it ALL THE TIME
    Game 3: Item 1, no contest. Caillou is the most annoying show on television.
    Game 4: Item 2. Max and Ruby, annoying bossy bunny bitch has to go
    Overall: I have actually watched all of these shows (waaaaay too much) but I still vote Caillou hands down, Max would occasionally provide a laugh, if only because of how crazy he drove Ruby.
    Out of the House
    Game 5: Item 1, I can always leave the situation if a meltdown occurs
    Game 6: Item 2. I’ve done both, you can’t escape on plane.
    Overall: Item 2. I’ve traveled a lot with my child, you can’t escape or change locations on a plane, you have to worry about the other passengers and there is still NO CHANGING TABLE, triple-whammy if you ask me.
    In the House
    Game 7: Item 1, no sleep makes EVERYTHING 10 times worse
    Game 8: Item 3, but this was hard to decide, neither one was an issue for me, I’m lucky that my kids likes her veggies, and I didn’t care if she went to college in diapers, she “trained” herself. But if I had to pick one, it would be the veggies, eventually everyone will stop crapping and pissing themselves, but crappy eaters are more difficult to change.
    Overall Item 1. No sleep just sucks
    I love your blog. Can’t wait to see the results!

  7. Dana says

    People, game 1: Gotta give it to the non-parents who give unsolicited advice. Because COME ON.
    People, game 2: Definitely parents who give unsolicited advice. Because you are parents and should KNOW how annoying that is. So COME ON.

    Cartoons, game 3: I’ve never seen Caillou (I know you are jealous), but Dora is horrible. Dora all the way.
    Cartoons, game 4: SpongeBob. Because it is a CARTOON. About a SPONGE. Making our children collectively stupider.

    Out of the house, game 5: For me, it’s the epic tantrum. Because it has just happened Too. Many. Times.
    Out of the house, game 6: The long car ride. Again, because this is a much more common occurrence for us than flights. Our entire extended family is a long car ride away. Yuck.

    In the house, game 7: Never getting a good night’s sleep. Because poop, pee, puke all wash off. Tiredness does not.
    In the house, game 8: Potty training. Because although my older daughter (3 years old) will occasionally eat her veggies without an argument, she regularly tells me she does not have to poop on the potty AS SHE IS ACTIVELY POOPING IN HER PULL UP. And then is SHOCKED that I am upset. THE WORST.

  8. says

    What gets me is getting unsolicited advice from parents who have lousy parenting skills… and its worse if they’re your BIL &SIL
    chris recently posted..The NudgeMy Profile

  9. Tami says

    Game 1: Non-parents who give advice hands down. Dude, stop judging me for feeding my toddler nothing but popcorn for 6 straight days. She didn’t want anything else and I was too damn tired to argue. You have no clue what it is to parent so stop pretending and keep your mouth shut.

    Game 2: One upper parents. It doesn’t matter if its good or bad they’ve always got a story. Sometimes parents just need to be worried or proud, and just need to talk. Stop making everything about you.

    Game 3: DORA! Maybe its cuz my kid doesn’t watch Caillou but good hell Dora is the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever seen. I’m the map I’m the map I’m the map I’m the map SHUT UP!

    Game 4: Max and Ruby. But only because Spongebob appeals to older kids too which means I can get housework done uninterrupted.

    Game 5: No changing table. Melt downs suck but they don’t suck as much as not being able to change a poopy diaper in a civilized manner. Nothing like having to carpet a floor with toilet paper just so you can avoid the inevitable diaper rash or clean up that blow out. The looks you get then are way worse than the looks you get with a tantrum.

    Game 6: Planes. Every damn time. Planes. At least with car rides I can distract them with what’s out the window and as many applesauce pouches as they can stomach. Plus we can stop and get out for a bit just to relieve the monotony. And there are no douches muttering under their breaths about the obnoxious kid crying because her ears hurt.

    Game 7: Bodily fluids. You can always hire a baby sitter so that you can get a nap in, but you never recover from the trauma of baby puke in your eye.

    Game 8: Potty training. I seriously hate the bodily fluid part of parenting. I don’t want to deal with my own to say nothing of a bunch of little poop makers running around bare butt as you try and convince them to go pee pee in the potty. Plus you can always find ways around the eating veggies dilemma, but really potty training is the only option as far as getting out of diapers.

  10. Jeremy Moritz says

    Game 1: Item 1 – this was tough. I don’t like braggers
    Game 2: Item 3 – Come on, let me have my moment
    Region: Item 1 – Have a child and then speak up
    Game 3: Item 1 – No reason, just because he looks strange
    Game 4: Item 2 – Again no reason
    Region: Item 1 – you reasoning seems fair
    Game 5: Item 4 – Upset here, but make shift changing areas are easier to overcome; tantrum not as easy
    Game 6: Item 2 – Airplane…I travel and this is annoying
    Region: Item 4 for an upset in the region!
    Game 7: Item 1 – Sleep deprivation does suck
    Game 8: Item 2 – Haven’t had to start yet, but I imagine this could be quite annoying.
    Region: Item 1 – Must have sleep…

  11. says

    GAME 1
    ITEM #4 – Parents who brag about how perfect their kids are
    because at least 70% of non-parents will be parents someday, and then they shall get their kharmic retribution. the bragging parents may never get to see little johnny end up in jail.

    GAME 2
    ITEM #3 – One-upper parents– unsolicited advice in the moment can be annoying, but sometimes it is nice to see someone else’s point of view, and maybe get to try something that you never would have thought of otherwise. one upper parents rankle me to the bone though…. my sister’s ex had a daughter from a previous relationship that was nearly the same age as my oldest, and he was CONSTANTLY saying that his daughter was doing things that she couldn’t possibly have been doing at the age she was at. let me tell you i did a little jig when my daughter potty trained before his. unfortunately i might’ve turned into the unsolicited advice parent……

    OVERALL WIN: This is a close one, because braggy parents and one-upper parents are often one and the same. However because i do think it is possible to be a little braggy about your kids without turning it into a competition with other parents/children, ONE UPPER PARENTS get the win.

    GAME 3
    ITEM #4 – Dora The Explorer. only because i have the good fortune to somehow have completely avoided having caillou on in my house ever.
    GAME 4
    Winner: ITEM #2 – Max & Ruby because i actually like vegging out to Spongebob on occasion. Have you seen this new one though, Rabbids invasion? seriously, watch it sometime, you will lose brain cells.

    OVERALL WINNER: Max & Ruby by a landslide. dora has some catchy music, and has taught my kids colors, numbers, and animals in english and spanish, as well as the importance of sharing (yes, swiper taught them that—aww maaann!)

    GAME 5
    WINNER: ITEM #1 – No changing table available. i mean… enough said. we were at an olive garden for dinner. they actually had a changing table but it was broken, so i had to change both kids on the *shudder* floor of the bathroom stall. now, probably partially my fault for not complaining in the first place, but we went back there a couple weeks later, and do you think the changing table had been repaired or replaced??? of course not! to make matters worse, the second time, we were coming from a funeral, so i was now wearing hose and a skirt, which made kneeling on the bathroom floor with two toddlers even more disgusting.

    GAME 6
    Winner:ITEM #2 – Taking toddlers on an airplane. On a long car ride there are opportunities for breaks, food stops, and sight seeing. plus, you’re the only one who has to deal with the kids, and you don’t have to worry about sidelong glances from other passengers. Besides, if i time it right, i can ensure that at least half the trip is spent sleeping by one or both kids. It’s not as easy to correctly time a flight, especially with delays, not to mention the long lines in the airport *before* the flight

    OVERALL WINNER: No changing table takes the cake. There are airlines that have changing tables on planes, so it’s important to do your research before booking.

    GAME 7
    Winner: ITEM #1 – Never getting a good night’s sleep. I’ve never been terribly bothered by bodily fluids, and becoming a mom has made me nearly immune to whatever little effect they had on me before motherhood. Honestly, i think that’s a mom thing though. My husband does get a bit more bothered by the P’s than I do. (he also doesn’t need as much sleep as me, so he’d probably pick the P’s as the winner of this round)

    GAME 8
    ITEM #2 – Potty training. although potty training my daughter was only slightly harder than getting her to eat veggies…. haha not to be the braggy parent 😉 but both my kids (2 and 3) really do eat all their veggies almost all the time. my daughter loves raw carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes as snacks regularly, without even dipping it in any kind of dressing (more power to her, because *i* can’t even eat them dry). Potty training wins because my son is nearly at that age, and i’ll have a newborn in diapers in 6 weeks time, so i don’t relish the idea of toilet training a 2year old while caring for an infant.

    OVERALL WINNER: not enough sleep. sometimes i just want to cry when i get up in the morning because i’ve slept that poorly.

  12. says

    People Game 1 goes to: Ridiculous non-parents giving what is likely ridiculous and not even helpful advice
    People Game 2 goes to: Other parents giving advice which is way worse than non-parents IMO
    Cartoon Game 3 goes to: CAILLOU FOR THE WIN!!!!!!
    Cartoon Game 4 goes to: Max & Ruby, sure
    Out of House Game 5 goes to: Poopy hands because the Parks Dept doesn’t have money to have a restroom on site, let alone a changing table within
    Out of House Game 6 goes to: Game is almost too close to call but at least you can pull this damn car over when you feel like setting your hair on fire, whereas there is NO escape on a plane
    In House Game 7 goes to: I can and have washed off the P’s but for the life of me I can’t scrub off the dark, baggy circles that will remain under my eyes until I die due to sleep deprivation (*thanks a lot*, parenthood)
    In House Game 8 goes to: Potty training, by far the most onerous task of parenthood to date!

  13. Stacy says

    GAME 1 ITEM #1 Non-parents who give unsolicited advice to parents: –

    GAME 2 ITEM #2 – Parents who give unsolicited advice to other parents: –
    GAME 3 ITEM #1 – Caillou – HE IS TOO WHINY!!
    GAME 4 ITEM #4
    GAME 5 ITEM #4 – Your kids delivering an epic tantrum or meltdown in public:
    GAME 6 ITEM #2 – Taking toddlers on an airplane:
    GAME 7 ITEM #1 – Never getting a good night’s sleep: –
    GAME 8 ITEM #2 – Potty training: Haven’t started doing this yet with my son but am SO not looking forward to it.

  14. jen says

    Game 1: Non-parents. In particular, non-parents with pets who think their pets are just like kids. Those people give you advice based on how they discipline their pets.
    Game 2: One-Uppers. It’s ok for my child to have an achievement all his own.
    Game 3: Caillou. His voice makes me want to stab my eardrums with an ice pick.
    Game 4: Max & Ruby. Condescension.
    Game 5: Public Meltdown. I can always use the trunk if I have to to change a diaper, but I really hate leaving a cart full of groceries and then have to return to the store the next day to finish the task.
    Game 6: Airplane. Nowhere to run. At least in the car, I can pull over and exit the vehicle for a few breaths of sanity.
    Game 7: Sleep. My entire frame of mind is different with enough rest. I can weather even the toughest of public meltdowns when rested.
    Game 8: Potty Training: When it goes wrong, it can go really wrong. Try googling “withholding bowel movement”.

    People Region: Non-parents. At least the one-uppers don’t compare their pets’ achievements with my kids’ achievements.
    Cartoon Region: Caillou. See eardrum abuse above.
    Out of the House Region: Airplane. See ability to flee the scene from above.
    In the House Region: Potty Training. I was tempted a time or two to listen to the non-parent pet owners and use a pet potty training method. Gah, the frustration!

    *Note to readers: I do like pets and their non-annoying owners.

  15. Randy says

    Do I get a vote even though I am a non-parent?

    People Region:
    Game 1 goes to the non-parent. The perfect parents will get their parental karma sooner or later while a non-parent (if they choose never to have kids) may or may not get their karma.

    Game 2 goes to the Unsolicited advice crowd. This is based on my friend’s reaction to both and the advice reaction was much worse.

    As a side note, I think it would be interesting to stick a non-parent with the advice giver (especially when they disagree) and watch the train wreck. The winner is still the non-parent based again on parental karma.

    Cartoon Region:
    Game 3 winner is Caillou. I didn’t know who this was and went over to YouTube to find out. I lasted about 2:54 before quitting. At least I have sat through many episodes of Dora. I still wonder why she didn’t just cut Swipers’ tail off. Side note: I really wish there had not been the comparison to Charlie Brown. I can’t get it out of my head. I think Charlie should hire Lucy as a lawyer and sue the pants off him!

    Game 4 winner is Max and Ruby. As with game 3, I had no idea who Max and Ruby were. So back over to YouTube I went. Time lasted this time 3:04. I have at least made it through Sponge bob

    Caillou. Just he is receiving his final four trophy, Linus is delivering the lawsuit paper work.

    Out of the house region:
    Game 5 winner is the changing table. I posted a comment that if the 40 year old fast food place that I work in can figure out how to put a changing in the men’s room, there is no excuse for others not to do the same.

    Game 6 winner is the airplane. There is a bias on my part because of a meltdown that a toddler had on a flight that I was on. Plus it is easier to control the environment in car and not to mention pull over if need be. Also on a plane, you might incur the wrath of fellow passengers.

    The changing table. Kids will always be on a plane no matter how much the anti-kid crowd whines. So it best that we figure out a way to deal with it. The Changing table still has no excuse.

    In the house region:

    Game 7 winner is the good night sleep. Talking to my brother and sister-in-law as well as my friends who have kids, I understand the lack of sleep thing. Also, as a babysitter, I have been peed on, which turned out to be more hilarious than anything else.

    Game 8 winner is Potty Training. Bias here on my part. When I babysat for my friends little boy, I had to make sure that if I went to the bathroom, I had to sit down because he was being taught to use the potty sitting down first, standing up came later.

    The goodnight sleep. The number out stories plus trying to hang out with sleep deprived friend trumps any inconvenience of mine for potty training

  16. Cameron says

    1. Parents
    2. One-uppers
    3. Caillou–most selfish kid ever
    4. Spongebob—the snark in the house will come from me, not tv
    5. No changing table
    6. Airplane
    7. The 3 P’s–I can fix sleep deprivation with coffee
    8. Potty training

  17. Sean says

    Non-Parents v “Perfect” Kids – Non-Parents all the way, not even close! This is right up there with non-teachers saying how easy teachers have it with summers off et al but that is a rant for another day. (Yes I am a teacher.) At least with the parents of the “perfect” kids you can smell bull dung a mile away and just smile and nod til they leave you alone.

    Parent Advice v the one uppers – One uppers, at least the parents are trying to help and they come from a place of SOME knowledge. The one uppers are just malicious and what is that I smell again?

    Non-Parents v one uppers – Non-Parents take this one in a squeaker. They could tell the one uppers how they could have had little Johnny writing his PhD thesis at 3 months instead of 6!

    Caillou v Dora – Caillou, we don’t watch too much TV at home and DDW1 is more a Curious George kinda gal but I have experienced some Dora. I figure, better the devil you know than the devil you don’t!

    Max and Ruby v Spongebob – Max and Ruby, I have to confess that at times Spongebob can be entertaining.

    Caillou v Max and Ruby – Caillou, read previous “devil” comment

    Out of House

    No change Table v Epic Tantrum, No change table in a blowout (if you catch my drift)! An epic tantrum can always be removed from the situation. A poopapalooza and nowhere to operate…

    Toddler in a Plane v Toddler in a Car – Toddler in a Plane, Can’t say “Any more of this and that’s it we’re flying back to Toronto!” halfway over the Atlantic.

    No Change Table v Toddler on a Plane – Toddler on a Plane. There are no change tables on planes.

    In House

    No Sleep v the 3 Ps – The 3 Ps, there’s a nice song out there by the Barenaked Ladies called “Who Needs Sleep” where the chorus says “Well, you’re never gonna get it … tell me what’s that for … be happy with what you’re getting, there’s a guy who’s been awake since the Second World War”. No sleep is a part of life. The 3 Ps on the other hand, I knew I was a father when DDW1 peed MY pants!

    Potty Training v Eat your veggies – Potty Training, whenever I think we’re out of the woods, she PULLS US BACK IN!

    3Ps v Potty Training – Potty Training, you get at least 2 of the 3 Ps anyway.

    Final 4 Recap: Non-Parents, Caillou, Toddler on a Plane and Potty Training

    That’s my 5 cents, we no longer have pennies.

  18. Ellen Jackson says

    Game 1 ITEM #4 – Parents who brag about how perfect their kids are – I hate bragging parents especially since it is done to make you feel indequate. Non parents giving advice? I ignore them and fully believe Karma is a mean bitch
    Game 2 ITEM #3 – One-upper parents: See above comments about bragging…..I really do not care if your 3 year old can read……my kid will when his brain is ready….right now he enjoys me reading to him or him tellling me a story his way
    Game 3 ITEM #4 – Dora The Explore: hate that she is on children’s clothing, cups, shoes, etc.
    Game 4 ITEM #3 – Spongebob Squarepants: cannot stand that cartoon….words escape me how much I think it is stupid, waste of time, moronic, and so on. He is forbidden in our house.
    Game 5 ITEM #1 – No changing table available when your children poop themselves in public – tantrums? you can pick their crying butts up and leave unless you are on an airplane. But stinky diapers or underwear while potty training and no easy way to clean up……it is enough to make me throw a tantrum
    Game 6 ITEM #2 – Taking toddlers on an airplane: no escape for anyone….cannot stop the plane or turn it around like a car. I think toddlers know this and use it as leverage to catch parents at a weak moment to get a desired reaction or coveted pleasure like a cookie.
    Game 7 ITEM #4 – Getting one of the P’s on your body, face, or mouth (poop, pee, or puke ): I have raised 5 boys and been an early childhood teacher for over 10 years and the idea of puke or poop on my person still makes me gag especially face or mouth. I can clean it off the floor or their body….just do not want it on mine. Yes, I have thrown away clothing that got poop on it.
    Game 8 ITEM #3 – Making your kids eat vegetables: Potty training is messy and annoying but it does eventually happen. I know that is an oxymoron because I hate poop on me…..but my secret weapon is once they are capable of dressing themselves and still pooping pants…they have to clean themselves. Trying to get them to eat vegetables because you know they need to eat healthy and watching them gag is heartbreaking. I also never like making food an issue. I do not want to eat something I think is vile, how am I supposed to make them eat their brussel sprouts? No matter how much you try to hide it in other food, they find it. So for heaven’s sake just eat the flipping peas already.

  19. Megan says

    The choices were tough, but I’m sure I’ve found the winners.
    People Region:
    Game 1: Though non-parent advisors bite the big one, I have to say the winners in this game are the parent braggers. There is nothing worse than someone trying to make you feel bad about your child, his development, and make you feel that you’re doing something wrong. A-holes.
    Game 2: One-upper parents take the cake in this game. This irritates the hell out of me in any conversation, let alone about my child. I have to fight the urge to throw my thick child development textbook from college at their big ass heads.
    Cartoon Region:
    Game 3: Caillou! OMG, Caillou defeats all competition. I hated Dora before I was introduced to Caillou, but this whiny little turd actually pushed Dora into my good graces. I hold my breath as we pass his picture in Netflix and breathe a sigh of relief every time my son doesn’t clamor to watch.
    Game 4: This one was a tough match up. I can only stand so much Spongebob, but really, there are worse things (see Game 3). As for Max and Ruby, I’ve not actually seen their show. From the sound of things that puts me in the Lucky Parents Club. Since we’re choosing the worst, to be fair, I’m picking our square, yellow friend to win this game.
    Out Of The House Region
    Game 5: It was an epic battle, but the tantrum in public wins this round. I can deal with poop and, though its annoying, I don’t mind changing a kid in the car. It’s the tantrums about the poop that kick my ass. It’s not so much embarrassing that he’s throwing a tantrum, its that I don’t like attention drawn to me or my son ever. I regularly thank my son for shoving me into my own personal hell and he plays the part of the two headed demon.
    Game 6: For a minute, I thought this was too close to call, but after some thought, I agree with most the other parents. Airplane is worse. Like others have said, you can stop and stretch your legs on car trips. Not only that, but in a car it’s only you and your family. Unlike in a plane where everyone and their grandma is giving you dirty looks. I have a plane trip with my three year old at the end of the summer and I’m dreading the plane rides.
    In the House Region
    Game 7: Sleep wins out over bodily fluids in this one. I can handle most anything that’s thrown at me (I’m with one of the other parents, I don’t do drool). I’m at my worst with lack of sleep, add in a toddler and stressful customer service job and I need all my z’s.
    Game 8: I hate potty training my kid and cannot wait until he will just use the damn potty. He turned 3 in December and is fighting using the stupid toilet tooth and nail. While he won’t eat veggies, I’m not a crazy person about that. We offer and he’ll grow into them eventually. Potty training hell wins this match up in a land slide.

  20. says

    Hello Daddy-doin-work! I’ve been enjoying your blog since the whole ordeal with the cute picture of you doin your daughter’s hair and wearing your baby. Here’s my vote.
    One-upper parents-I don’t mind unsolicited advice. Any ideas can help me and I like hearing other perspectives. One-upping is just a waste of time because kids do everything at their own, unique pace.
    Caillou. I think Dora offers something that many other TV shows don’t: real opportunities to use problem solving skills! The only other show that I’ve seen do this succesfully is Blues Clues. From matching shapes to remembering a sequence, it’s pretty amazing the level of thinking that happens for a preschooler while watching this show. (Although i agree the amount of time it takes her to find swiper is annoying and why does she have to yell EVERYTHING?)
    Spongebob because of the unhealthy singing it promotes (coming from an elementary music teacher).
    No changing table is the worst. When my kid throws a tantrum in public it’s def annoying, but I get pretty entertained not only by him, but also by all the people watching. Fun for me to see how many people give the look annoyed look verses “I’ve been there too, don’t worry, this too shall pass” look.
    Airplane by far trumps car ride. The pain of going through security alone with our newborn and 2 year old is why we decided to drive from SoCal to Minnesota instead of fly. Car rides allow you to stop pretty much whenever you want. Kids can run around, you can eat whatever you want without being overcharged, and no embarrassment when baby is screaming for extended amounts of time. I could go on with this one…you don’t have to haul the carseats. Breastfeeding is way easier (for me at least) to do in a car ride than in a plane. The ear pain the kids go through with sudden altitude change. Etc.
    Never getting a good night’s sleep. I’d take a week of P’s to get one completely uninterrupted night of sleep.
    Potty Training. We’re going through that now. At least with the veggie eating you can trick kids into it by sneaking veggies into pancake mix or smoothies. But it’s kind of hard to trick them into the potty thing. The bribing I can tell is not going to last long.
    Can’t wait to see the results!! ~SarahLynn
    SarahLynn Zavoral recently posted..Is it over yet?My Profile

  21. says

    Game 1: 1
    Game 2: 3
    Game 3: 1
    Game 4: 3
    Game 5: 4
    Game 6: 2
    Game 7: 1
    Game 8: 2 (my kids like vegetables! So weird.)

    Non-parents who give advice (I have a special-needs kid. I HATE all the bad advice from people without a clue)
    Spongebob (Ew!)
    Tantrum in public (Ugh. Please, no more of these.)
    No sleep (I hallucinated for the first year)

  22. Stephanie says

    This is a work of pure genius. I can’t wait to see the finals! Here are my pics…

    Region 1 – People
    Game 1 – Non-parents
    Game 2 – One-uppers
    Region – My knee-jerk pick was non-parents, but I was swayed by a previous comment that spoke of how 70% of current non-parents eventually become parents themselves whereas one-uppers may never see the error of their ways. So true, therefore my final pick for regional title here has to be the one-uppers.

    Region 2 – Cartoons
    Game 3 – Dora
    Game 4 – Max and Ruby
    Region – All of the contenders in this region drive me bananas, but despite being bilingual, I think Dora’s got this one just because her incessant YELLING drowns out all other competitors.

    Region 3 – Out of house
    Game 5 – Epic tantrum
    Game 6 – Airplane
    Region – Another tough call, but my money’s on the airplane. On an airplane, the audience is not just momentarily captive, it is effectively trapped, often for an extended period of time. Young children on airplanes play an ugly game, but it’s very effective. Airplane for the win here for sure.

    Region 4 – In house
    Game 7 – One of the Ps
    Game 8 – Potty training
    Region – Potty training takes it for sure. My match with potty training took everything I have in me. I had to be faster, sharper, more cunning, more alert, more manipulative (not to mention patient) and play as though the game didn’t matter at all because potty training can smell weakness from several miles away. Potty training plays one of the toughest games I have yet lived to see. It’s rumored that only teenagers are more difficult, but I haven’t yet advanced to that league so it’s only hearsay at the moment.

    My prediction for the final – One-uppers vs. Potty training. Close game to be sure, but since I’m good at ignoring jerks and potty training got the better of me for almost two years, I’ll go with potty training for the title.

  23. June says


    People: braggers and one-uppers, cos no kid’s perfect, especially not yours! (in general, not specifically!) mine’s good but I know only too well what, and when, a little brat they can be! But at this point it’s a close call!

    Cartoons: sorry, living in Britain I don’t know who Caillou is but I agree he looks a bit like Charlie Brown. And I am not sure who Max and Ruby are. So, for me, it’s Spongebob every time.

    Out of the house: no contest! Lack of facilities & aeroplane rides!! And if I might add to the lack of changing mats – lack of loo’s & shops that don’t allow toddlers to use theirs!! There is nothing worse than a little girl in tears with her legs crossed cos she desperately needs a wee and there’s nowhere for her to go! So I would also put that over aeroplanes.

    In house:. Now this one’s a lot harder. A good night’s sleep, definitely. But potty-training vs vegetables? Neither one of these is in the hands of the parents, children either will or they won’t. My daughter potty trained when she was ready and not before and I am fortunate in that there are a lot of veg she likes, but you can also get sneaky with veg – mash is great cos you can hide all sorts in it so … I am going to go with … Potty training.

    But instead of either of those I would have nominated homework. Over here our children start school at 4 and she was so very ready. But. She’s now 8 and she and homework …! She’s ok with her reading and literacy but history/geography/science and she’ a little … Monkey!! And we’ve tried everything but she’s just not interested. So yeah, homework vs potty training & veg eating!

  24. smothermother says

    i don`t follow basket ball (actually i hate it. stems from being rejected from the elementary school team too many times in a row. but ask me about any other sport and i`m good). anyhoo, i digress. this looks like fun!

    Game 1: #4
    Game 2: #3

    Overall winner: #4

    Game 3: Dora (STOP YELLING AT ME!!)
    Game 4: Max and Ruby

    Overall winner: Max and Ruby. That shit drives me insane!

    Out of the House
    Game 5: #4
    Game 6: draw (i’m one of those parents who has a child that travels well. sorry!)

    Overall winner: #4

    In the House
    Game 7: #1 (while 4 is a strong contender, it’s been 8 years since i have had a good night’s sleep.)
    Game 8: #2

    Overall winner: #1

  25. Christina says

    Game 1.. People without kids trying to give me advice..One of my biggest pet peeves.. They have no clue but they sure do believe they have the all the answers… Unless you have been in my position, or a parent’s position do not tell me how to raise my kids.( actually had a woman smack me and give me a shame on you lecture for my 2nd youngest who pulled her socks and shoes off during a trip through the store when she was smaller.)
    Game 2.. the my kid is better than your kid parents… Not talking about a conversation between friends about their children but the obnoxious mom who makes it a point to rub it in how perfect her kid is.. or God forbid.. Make up things to cover up for some kind of inadequacies within themselves.. IDK but its freaking annoying… All kids are awesome !!!!!!!!!!!
    Game 3..
    While Dora drives me insane as I have had to sit thru her with 7 of my 8 children Caillou is a piss whining ass and I do not allow that cartoon in my house… Enough said.. I have enough whiners I do not need a cartoon doing it too….
    Game 4..
    SpongeBob is the most stupid cartoon ever… A sponge that lives in bikini bottom with Mr. Crabs… wth are we trying to teach our children?!?! I refuse to let my children watch this either… There is enough stupidity in the world for them to encounter without getting it from “children’s” programming.
    Game 5…
    Public meltdowns are the worst.THE WORST.. In my case with having so many kids people assume because one of mine is crying that it is because I can’t care for them because there are too many kids then they need to tell me how to take care of them, and so on…
    Game 6..
    Airplane for the win. Who likes being in tight cramped spaces? no sights to see? grouchy smelly people? Because I can stuff my kids in the car for a road trip and stop when I need to. They have blankets and pillows surrounding them, toys, and a dvd in to watch or music going….
    Game 7.. I’m pretty used to both of these things but bodily functions sucks…. Barf in the mouth is not cool.. Been there as well….
    Game 8..
    Potty training sucks.. I agree….. No explanation really… Its not easy…Until they get it you either deal with pull ups/diapers or clean up bodily functions from everywhere….Scrub poop out of a beige carpet at 2 a.m… ugh!!!!

    People region.. people without kids trying to give advice…
    Cartoon Region.. Its hard.. A whiny bitch(caillou )or sexual inuendo..hmmm…. The whiny bitch…
    Out of the House Region.. Public meltdown….
    In House Region.. Potty training….

  26. Carrie says

    Game 1- braggers-of course your kid is perfect
    Game2 – one uppers-every kid is different, get a grip
    WINNER-one uppers are way more annoying

    Game 3 – Calliou-ugh!
    Game 4 – Max & Ruby-I like Spongebob
    WINNER-Calliou-need I say more?

    Game 5 – no changing table-I can handle a melt down, not a nasty diaper
    Game 6 – toddlers on a plane-I can pull over in a car
    WINNER-toddler on a plane-they don’t even have changing tables-LOL

    Game 7 – the P’ s-ewwwww….
    Game 8 – potty training-I can get around the veggies
    WINNER-potty training is a pain in the……

  27. says

    Game 1: Unless you’re a parent or step-parent don’t open your mouth to someone who is. That goes double for someone who like me is a step-parent and an aunt. I’ve been there, seen that, and wished sometimes I could crawl under the blanket and stay there. Unless you’ve been heavily involved in a child’s left you have no reason to open your mouth and tell a parent how to take care of their child. I get especially perturbed with people who swear they know it all and barely parent themselves. SHUT IT!!!!

    Game 2: One-upper just piss me off. They irk my soul to the nth degree!! You can’t just let someone talk about their child. Can’t just let someone revel in their child’s accomplishments. Nooooo you’ve got to make it seem like your child is the be all end all of children.

    Game 3: Caillou is annoying as all hell, but Dora SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE!! They’re both terrible, but it irritates me more that there’s a female cartoon character on TV and they can’t make her seem smart she has to come across as a dumbass. Well at least we have Doc McStuffins.

    Game 4: Max & Ruby purely for the reason that this is one of the worst concepts out there. Why do we insist on having cartoon child characters run around with no parents in sight.

    Game 5: Pulling out the cold stare and using the mom voice can stop a tantrum dead in its tracks. Not having changing tables that you don’t have to put on a hazmat suit to clean…..yeah that takes the cake.

    Game: 6: Toddlers on a plane wins this one. At least when you’re in a car you can pull over and deal with them. Plus the only people being annoyed are the ones in the car. When you’re stuck on a plane you’re lucky if the only people made at you are the ones in your area.

    Game 7: Eventually you will be able to get a nap in. When they’re babies you can try to nap when they nap. When they’re older and in school, oh my gawd those are the best hours. But any one of the P’s on you or in your mouth….ugghhhh I just threw up a little in my mouth thinking about it.

    Game 8: With veggies it’s all about how you frame it. We don’t force we just tell them as long as you try it it’s okay. They’re not going to like everything on their plates, but as long as they try it then hey whatever. Gotta pick your battles. Potty training…..I’m just glad that’s not something I’ll have to deal with again.

  28. Sam says

    I want to start by saying I am not a dad yet (11 weeks till due date) so most of my answers are predictions or experience from other friends who are parents…

    Game 1. Non-parents by about 10000 points. As a current non parent I would never dream of offer advice.

    Game 2. Gotta be the one-uppers. Seriously, not a competition so back off
    Non parents for the Region

    Game 3. I am backing the underdog here with Dora the dumbass.

    Game 4. Max and Ruby, no comment required
    Dora the dumbass for the Region

    Game 5. Changing tables. On a side note, when I was a kid I had a tantrum in the supermarket, my dad calmly got down on the floor with me and started having a tantrum too. When I stopped so did he and said are we done? Finished the shopping in peace.

    Game 6. Airplane. Cars can be stopped and turned around. Planes not so much without drawing attention from the airmarshall.
    Change table for the Region.

    Game 7. P’s, Lack of sleep will be forgotten, one of the P’s in your mouth, scarred forever!

    Game 8. Potty training. Only because (and like I said I’m not there yet but) I believe in hiding veggies in foods that kids love if needed (meatballs are the best), works on my nephew.
    P’s for the Region.

    Best of luck everyone, let’s have a nice clean tournament.

  29. Chelsie says

    GAME 1
    Parents bragging about how perfect their kids are. All kids eat stuff they aren’t supposed, throw temper tantrums, color outside of the lines, and whatever else parents seem to think it’s necessary to brag about.

    GAME 2
    Definitely parents who are one-uppers. I mean come on statistically speaking there are really only a few children that are truly gifted. Not saying everyone’s children aren’t special but most are not “gifted.” Let’s just be happy our kids are happy and having fun.

    GAME 3
    I have to give this one to Dora. It drives me nuts when they stop and stare at you. It actually creeps me out a little.

    GAME 4
    Spongebob. The show doesn’t teach kids anything. I think it is more suited for adults or teenagers that get their is no message behind the show and that it is just for laughs. After the cursing episode it was banned in my house til my daughter is old enough to know that is not how people act.

    GAME 5
    No changing table that’s for sure. I can handle the meltdown. We ALL have them. But to have to run to my car to change my child when I am out shouldn’t even be an option.

    GAME 6
    Plane ride. I remember taking my daughter to Spain and that was a nightmare. When her ears started popping she was so confused and it seriously upset her.

    GAME 7
    Sleep. The p’s wash off, but a cranky mommy can only ingest so much coffee before it starts to upset my tummy. (Yep I said tummy my communications with other adults is limited)
    GAME 8
    Potty training. My kids like vegetables so that is difficult for us. I

  30. Kate Malone says

    Here we go!
    Game #1 – Item #4
    Game #2 – Item #3
    Game #3 – Item #1
    Game #4 – Item #3 (his laugh alone makes me want to scratch my eyes out)
    Game #5 – Item #1
    Game #6 – Item #2
    Game #7 – Item #1
    Game #8 – Item #3

    Can’t wait to see the results!!

  31. says

    We are picking the worst right? The worst of the match is the winner? If so then these are my choices, if not then they are (obviously) the reverse:

    Game One: I pick # 4 Parents who brag. It seems nowadays I only know parents so I get very few pieces of advice from the few that aren’t parents, so the bragger is really just the worst.

    Game Two: I pick #3 One-Upper. I always want to give advice to other parents and I don’t because I know you just can’t, so I empathize with the parents who can’t help themselves. The one-uppers are just annoying though.

    Game Three: I pick # 1 Calliou all the way, that guy is just the worst. THE WORST!

    Game Four: I pick # 2 Max & Ruby. This cartoon is such an amazingly bad lesson for the little girls who watch it. Max is such a punk and Ruby just picks up after him. That show makes me mad.

    Game Five: I pick # 4 Melt down. I can handle poop, literally. Tantrums makes me endlessly uncomfortable. Also poop is just something that happens while tantrums are something that my kid would be doing, and that is just harder for me to handle.

    Game Six: It pick # 2 Airplane. I’ve been on a few long car rides with my son and it has actually been really fun, he loves music and he plays independently like a champ. He’s two and we’ve yet to take him on a plane, because I’m terrified of doing so (see answer to Game Five).

    Game Seven: Item # 1 No Sleep. The bodily functions don’t bother me that much, though after I read your comment about your kid puking in your mouth I must say I haven’t experienced it to it’s potential extent. No sleep makes me crazed though, and cranky, and so very tired.

    Game Eight: Item # 3 Veggies. Our family is vegetarian and my kid doesn’t looooove vegetables, he kind of likes a few bites of one or two per week. And for a vegetarian mother that provides me with an endless feeling that I’m some home doing the wrong thing and that my kid is malnourished. I’m in no rush to potty train. And I laughed out loud at your diapering comment.
    Angela Gilmore recently posted..What Photography Means to MeMy Profile

  32. says

    People Region:
    Game 1: #1…. I had to go with #1 because I probably qualify as a bragger so can’t very well vote myself annoying, although I’d say I’m a reforming bragger because when I encounter one, I find them exceptionally annoying. So it was a close game.

    Game 2: #3… The one-uppers definitely. I have a friend who will even one-up how many dogs they’ve owned and how many times she has stubbed her toe.

    Region winner: #3. I’m telling you, if you’ve ever encountered an epic one-upper, they beat all.

    Cartoon Region:
    Game 3: #1… I’ve actually never watched Caillou – he was just coming out as my kids got too old but I find the commercials annoying and at least Dora sorta kinda tries to teach some Spanish.

    Game 4: #3… I’ve never watched Max & Ruby either but I’m picking Spongebob because we have this book with buttons that are supposed to be pressed as you read the Spongebob story. We have a number of such books and the Spongebob one is without a doubt the most irritating one ever invented. Some of the noises make me want to run out of the house.

    Region Winner: #3 – I really hate the book.

    Out of the House Region:
    Game 5: #4… I’m very sensitive to what other people think of me so the tantrum is by far worse than the changing table thing. I’m completely on board with the belief that changing tables should be in the men’s room too but I changed so many diapers without even access to a bathroom that I easily adapted to whatever I had (or didn’t have) available to me.

    Game 6: #3… Gotta go with the car. My only experience with a toddler on a plane was a very long trip but he did great. So did the infant and young child. But entertaining them in the car – especially if I’m at the wheel, gah!

    Region Winner: #4 – those tantrums really put me on edge

    In the House Region
    Game 7: #1… Oh, how I miss my sleep. I think they ruined me. The youngest is 5 now and I think I might have a permanent sleeping disorder. It’s got to be the kids’ fault. I slept reasonably well before they came along. Now all they have to do is sneeze and I’m wide awake.

    Game 8: #2… Potty training was one of those events that I celebrated its passing (pun intended). Not much worse than trying to get a kid to use the bathroom. And with the last one, I got *so* tired of the poop accidents. We just started throwing the underwear away. It just wasn’t worth it to clean them.

    Region Winner: #2 – there’s drugs to help you sleep but I don’t want to go anywhere near potty training ever again.

    Huh. Looking at my selections, I’d say that my rankings are *way* different from yours since none of the top seeds made it by me. Oh, well. This was a great idea – thanks for setting it up!
    mybrightspots recently posted..Grand Canyon 2014: Up is MandatoryMy Profile

  33. Traci says

    Game 1 : item 1
    Game 2: item 2 (at least you can mess with the one upper by taking it to extremes)
    Game 3: 1-calliou
    Game 4: 3-Max & Ruby hands down (I have never wanted to hurt a rabbit until Ruby)
    Out of the House
    Game 5: item 4
    Game 6: item 2
    In the House
    Game 7 – item 1 (been thru the P’s lack of sleep trumps all)
    Game 8- item 2

  34. Randy staley says

    Game1: nonparents mostly because what do they really know
    Game2: one uppers. I can’t stand anyone who thinks they are better than others.
    Game 3: tough one. Even though I agree Caillou is really whiny. Dora seriously needs gps. I mean really you can’t find your own home. WTF and swipe rid right behind you!!!! So I pick Dora.
    Game 4: hands down Spongebob. That annoying voice and laugh kill me.
    Game 5: no changing table. Been through this with a local restaurant. Still don’t have one. I mentioned it and left comments to no avail. So frustrating.
    Game 6: even though I ‘be never done it I say plane. I have done the car trip and as much as I love my babydoll…it sucked. But at least I could stop.
    Game 7: I can sleep when I’m dead. The three p’s….ewww. Once again I love my girl to death but the three p’s on me…yuk.
    Game 8: potty training because they make vitamins for kids who won ‘t eat veggies or you can blend them and hide them in stuff.

  35. says

    I have no kids yet so for fun I asked my parents what sucked most about me. After they accidentally spewed a whole list of things not on the list, I gave them the match ups.

    Elite 8:
    One of two major upsets- #4 people who brag killed advice which was much easier too ignore.
    #3 one uppers- it seems other people arrogance is gunna go head to head
    #1 caillou
    #3 if it wasn’t for his laugh he might have lost but that high chuckle deafened the competition
    #4 tantrums easily.
    #2 my parents almost broke their own bragging rule by explaining that this was a close, low scoring match with potty training barely winning even tho both were a breeze with their angelic daughter :)

    Love this post btw!

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