My 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to my 2016 Holiday Gift Guide! Basically, it’s a short list of things that I love — and I think you and/or your kids will love them too. Let’s get started!

I WONDER – Celebrating Daddies Doin’ Work

What is it? I WONDER is my newest children’s book that was released in May 2016.

Why will you love it? OK, so I’m biased here — but if you believe in the power of fatherhood (and you should, or else why would you be here?) this book absolutely needs to be in your library. I WONDER uses photos from a diverse group of dads from my Instagram following and tells a powerful story of how many of us are insecure about how we do our jobs as fathers. However, the one thing we aren’t insecure about is how much we love our kids. It’s funny, heartwarming, and it’s a great way for dads (and moms) to bond with their children. But don’t just take my word for it. Read the editorial and customer reviews on Amazon and see what they had to say.

Many of you already have the book, but you should gift it to a good dad that you know. And if you haven’t read I WONDER, be warned…you will get a severe case of sweaty eyeballs after you read it.

Where can you buy it? On Amazon or Barnes & Noble


Sudio earphones


What are they? Extremely cool bluetooth wireless earphones.

Why will you love them? First off, I don’t like wires. At all. There are a few reasons for that: 1) They tangle easily. 2) I like modern technology. 3) I’m clumsy and I’ll find a way to trip over them seriously injuring myself. Thankfully, I found something to help save the day.

The folks at Sudio created amazing wireless earphones that look good, have amazing sound and battery life, and are easy to use. I prefer black, but they also come in pink, white, and blue.


Personally, I never leave home without mine. They’re great for everything from grocery shopping to the gym, and everything in between. Not to mention, I have the iPhone 7. And if you haven’t heard, the folks at Apple ditched the headphone jack. If you’re planning on upgrading to the iPhone 7, you’re going to need a pair of wireless headphones, too (or else use the clunky adapter thingy Apple is offering for wired headphones #NoThanks).

Where can you buy them? You can get them on Sudio’s website. And for a cool trick, if you type in DaddyDoinWork at checkout, you’ll get 15% off. You’re welcome.


SCOTTeVEST RFID Travel Vest for Men


What is it? It’s an amazing vest with 26 hidden pockets. 26 POCKETS!!

Why will you love it? Your kids already look up to you as a superhero, so why not get a utility belt vest to match? The RFID Travel Vest is not just for traveling; it packs 26 hidden pockets to carry anything you or your kiddos need. Pockets for snacks, toys, diapers or wipes, your phone, wallet, passport, keys and even a tablet can fit. Now that Fall/Winter is here, I never leave the house without mine.

By using staggered interior and exterior pockets, you won’t look like the Michelin Man even when it’s fully loaded. The engineers over at SCOTTeVEST also developed an innovative Weight Management System so the added weight is evenly distributed across the garment and your neck or upper back won’t get sore. Plus, it features embroidered icons to help you organize all your stuff. It’s made of lightweight, breathable poly fabric, is Teflon® treated for water and stain-resistance, and is machine washable.

If you’re a dad with young kids, a frequent traveler, or both — you need this in your world. (PS — they make designs for women, too).

Where can you buy it? It’s available on or Amazon for $135. It’s available in black, khaki, navy or olive.


Pair of Thieves socks


What are they? They’re socks. You know, those warm tube-like things that go on your feet.

Why will you love them? I absolutely love, love, love these socks. They are super comfortable, stylish, and you can get matching pairs for your kiddos, too. They make the perfect stocking stuffer (see what I did there?). Definitely get a pair or two for your whole family.

Where can you buy them? On the Pair of Thieves website.


Dash & Dot


What are they? Really cool robots for kids.

Why will you love them? Oh, man…these robots are amazing. Dash (the big one) can respond to your voice, can dance, scoot around, and your kiddos can use an app to create new behaviors for it. Dot (the smaller one) acts like the brains of the robot and you can create a ton of fun games with it.

My oldest daughter is in Kindergarten and she loves them both — best of all, she’s learning the basics of coding while using Dash to chase her baby sister around in the process. Girls interested in STEM? Win.


Where can you get them? Visit the Wonder Workshop website.


Micro Kickboards


What are they? Great scooters, especially for beginners.

Why will you love them? Not too much to say here. They’re just easy for my kiddos to use (I love the three wheel design), they’re sturdy, and they’re stylish. I can’t keep my daughters off of them.

Where can you buy them? On the Micro Kickboard website.


Ergobaby Adapt Carrier


What is it? An extremely well-made baby carrier.

Why will you love it? I’m sure that a sizable portion of my current reading audience knows who I am due to a photo of me rocking an Ergobaby carrier that went viral three years ago. The truth is, I’ve been an advocate for babywearing long before this whole Daddy Doin’ Work thing ever came into existence. It’s a great way for parents to bond with their babies and I personally believe Ergobaby makes the best carriers in the business. Sadly, I’m slowly moving out of the babywearing stage, but it didn’t stop me from attempting to recreate the viral photo in my Ergobaby Adapt carrier a few weeks ago just for fun.


Seriously, if you know someone with a baby or toddler, or someone who is expecting a baby, and they don’t have a carrier — go shop around on Ergobaby’s website, stat.

Where can you get it? Go to Ergobaby’s website.


Making Work Work: The Positivity Solution to Any Work Environment


What is it? Simply the best workplace book I’ve ever read, that’s what.

Why will you love it? Do you or your spouse work in an environment filled with the ABCs? Namely, Asshats, Bullies, and Complainers? Do you want the tools to deal with them in an effective manner without all of the cliches and crappy advice? Then you need to pick up this book. You won’t be sorry. It’s a phenomenal read, and every businessperson should have it in his/her office.

Best of all, my identical twin Shola wrote it. Check out this sea of workplace professionals surrounding him who love his book.


Where can you buy it? On Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


Fodada Peace Tee


What is it? It’s a shirt with a peace sign on it, but it’s really so much more.

Why will you love it? First off, I love fodada. The company believes strongly in the power of fatherhood, but they also believe in giving back. But this particular shirt sends a powerful message in the turbulent world we currently find ourselves in. You can’t go on Facebook or Twitter without reading about or seeing hatred, violence, and bad feelings everywhere.

So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to join in and spew hate as well? Or are you going to send a message of peace, love, and acceptance?

Whatever you choose, be aware of the fact that your friends are watching. Your neighbors are watching. Your coworkers are watching. And most importantly — your kids are watching. This simple shirt basically lets people know that you’re on the side of peace — and it can invite other people to engage in meaningful discussions about how to make the world a happier place. I wear mine with pride and you should too.

Where can you get it? On fodada’s website.


There it is! Just a few of my favorite things. I hope I gave you some good ideas as you get ready for some holiday shopping. Good luck, my friends!

In the interest of full disclosure, I received some of these items for free, but all of these opinions are 100% my own. Only my favorite things made the cut in this post.

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  1. SimpleRyan says

    Saaay whaaat!!
    Wutcha talkin bout Willis?
    They got a vest that holds all that stuff.

    Ohh hellll yeeaah I’m gonna put that on my list!

    And Dash and Dot….
    Forget my kids…this one is for me. LMAO!!

    Being the tech geek that I am i know FOR SURE that I’ll be using that more than then.

    My girls already love playing coding games online so I KNOW they’ll really enjoy this!

    Thanks Doyin for putting this list together. I never would’ve heard of these things if you didn’t

    May you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving full of laughter, love and joy!!

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