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It’s crazy that this here Daddy Doin’ Work blog is creeping up on its 2nd birthday in June. When I started this, it was just a fun way to share the crazy world of being a dad with my friends and family. But today, my circle of “friends and family” is somewhat larger and I have to ensure that I keep all of you happy. Other than totally revamping my website’s design in the coming weeks (which will look awesome once it’s done), here are five ways I plan to add more value to you guys in the immediate future.

 #1: The difference between a RDW and a SDW will become much clearer: For those of you who aren’t familiar with the acronyms, RDW stands for “Readers Doin’ Work.” They are the individuals who follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook and read my blog, but don’t subscribe to me via email. The RDW-experience is like riding coach on an airplane – it’s good, but nothing like riding in First Class. My SDW (Subscribers Doin’ Work) are the ones who subscribe to the blog via email and will receive the First Class experience. Not only do they receive everything a RDW receives, they also will get access to cool contests, opportunities, insider information, recipes, and giveaways that I may not offer to anyone else. Membership has its privileges, right?

Promoting yourself to a SDW is free and literally takes less than a minute to do. Just enter your name and email on the right hand side of the screen, wait for the confirmation email to arrive, and boom – you’re done.

Speaking of giveaways for my SDW…

The three new organic Ergos. Copyright, Ergobaby 2014

The three new organic Ergos.
Copyright, Ergobaby 2014

#2: More giveaways: I plan to team up with great companies to offer awesome giveaways to my SDW. For example, for the three days leading up to Mother’s Day (Thursday May 8th, Friday May 9th, and Saturday May 10th), I’m teaming up with Ergobaby to give away three of their soon-to-be released organic carriers – the Organic Collection Zen on 5/8, the Organic Collection Quartz on 5/9, and the Organic Collection Dandelion on 5/10 (pictured from left to right, respectively). If you’re an avid baby-wearer like me, you’ll definitely want to get in on this. You’ll find details for the giveaway at the bottom of this post.

Editor’s Note: I know our last giveaway was for the new Ergo 360, but due to the insane demand for it, we couldn’t offer it again this time.

#3: DDW Nation: With my new blog’s design releasing shortly, I plan to implement a cool forum for all of you called DDW Nation. It will be a place where everyone can get together and enjoy a sense of community.

  • Are you a MDW or DDW who wants to network with others in a cool, friendly, non-judgmental environment? Use the forum.
  • Are you a DDW who wants to meet up with other DDWs for playdates in your geographical area? Use the forum.
  • Want advice on the best stroller to use? Ask others in the forum.
  • Are you a parent who has dealt with a loss? Get support in the forum.
  • Want to trade kid-friendly recipes with others? Use the forum.
  • Are you a MDW who wants to celebrate the DDW in your life? Use the forum.
  • Are you a DDW who wants to offer advice to new dads? Use the forum.
  • Wanna talk about the funniest thing your kid said to you? Use the forum.
  • Want to start a Frozen support group? Use the forum.
  • Do you need a place to vent about your parenting challenges? Use the forum.
  • Want to talk about what’s hot in pop culture? Use the forum.
  • Do you have questions that you want to know about me? Use the forum.

Want me to keep going?

OK, you get the idea. The topics in the DDW Nation forum are literally endless and the forum can be whatever the hell you want it to be. Just as long as you’re not an asshole and try to ruin the fun for everyone. But that’s where the admins come in.

Speaking of which, I plan on enlisting some of my SDW to admin the forum – and the selection process will include a brief Skype interview with yours truly (stay tuned for an email outlining the process shortly). Overall, my goal is that the DDW Nation forum becomes a place that many of you will visit daily to offer your thoughts about parenting, kids, or anything else that’s on your mind.

New stylized MDW tees. A portion of the proceeds will go to a damn good cause too.

New stylized MDW tees. A portion of the proceeds will go to a damn good cause too.

#4 – Charity: When the amazing folks at fodada (an apparel company devoted to the amazing dads of the world) offered to create my own T-shirt line, I didn’t think twice about taking them up on it. My closet is filled with their comfy gear and I swear by these guys. Bobby (the chief dada) came up with these awesome stylized DDW and MDW logos and put them on T-shirts and hats. I absolutely LOVE the design, too. Did it take you a while to understand what the letters read? Good. That’s the point. The “O” in the middle shares the line with the “W” making it a lowercase “d.” So they read Mdw and ddw not “MOW” or “DOW.” Hell – these tees are the ultimate conversation starter. Once someone asks you what the letters on your shirt mean, you can tell them how awesome you are as a mom or a dad. It doesn’t get any better than that.

DDW hat and tees. Coming soon!

DDW hat and tees. Coming soon!

But there’s more: I wanted to ensure that I gave back somehow, and that’s when we decided to partner with the good folks at Operation Homefront.

This organization assists military families during difficult financial times by providing food assistance, auto and home repair, vision care, travel and transportation, moving assistance, essential home items, financial assistance, and much more. Although I have no military experience, I know that many of you have loved ones serving our country. If I get choked up seeing photos of military parents with their children, I can only imagine how they must feel when they’re separated from their kids and spouses for extended periods of time. There are a million worthy charities out there and it’s impossible to please everyone when it comes to something like this, but Operation Homefront was one that Bobby and I both proudly agreed upon.

The MDW and DDW shirts cost $20 each (which includes free shipping in the USA), and for each shirt purchased, $5 will be donated to Operation Homefront. Only the MDW shirts are available right now, but once Father’s Day approaches the DDW gear will be ready.

So fellas, if you want to show your lady that she’s a Mommy Doin’ Work while donating to an excellent cause in the process, purchase a MDW shirt right here. And ladies, feel free to forward that link to your man as a not-so-subtle hint for a Mother’s Day gift.

#5 – Mommies Doin’ Work will take over the DDW Instagram feed for the week leading up to Mother’s Day: By now, you know all about my Instagram feed celebrating the amazing DDWs of the world, right? Well, for the week leading up to Mother’s Day (5/4 – 5/11), it will be all about the MDWs. Pictures of the amazing moms of the world doin’ work for their kiddos will be plastered all over the feed. So if you know a mom that is busting her ass for her family (your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, best friend, etc.), make sure she gets the recognition she deserves by sending pictures of her to the designated email address listed on the Instagram feed.


Whew! That was a mouthful, and believe it or not – that doesn’t come close to outlining all of the cool surprises I have in store for you in the coming weeks. At the end of the day, if the DDW brand becomes more about you than about me, I’ll be happy. This is a community, not a one-man show and I always want it to be about all of us. Let’s make this the coolest and most fun place for parents to hang out online. With your help, there’s no doubt we’ll get there.

Keep Doin’ Work, my friends!


Your friendly, neighborhood Daddy Doin’ Work

UPDATE: I’m running THREE giveaways where three lucky people will win a brand new Ergo! Follow the directions below to enter! 

NOTE: Due to high demand, the Ergos will ship to the winners in approximately 6 weeks. 

Giveaway #1 on 5/8/2014

a Rafflecopter giveaway
  Giveaway #2 on 5/9/2014 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway #3 on 5/10/2014
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Kristin Kalmbach says

    Been with you since 500 facebook fans! Very exciting to see how much DDW has grown and reached all over the world!

    Proud to be a SDW!

  2. BethAnne Hall says

    Excited for the changes! Can’t wait to see it all come together :) I’m not so much fond of the new MDW & DDW logo’s though :/ It looks like it says MOW and DOW now. But oh well…it’s not my logo, right?! Good luck!

  3. Tessa Martin says

    How much is shipping outside the US? Here in the UK, we have out Mother’s Day in March.

  4. Jane says

    Personally, I love the new logos. They’re very artsy and cool. You’re doing great things, DDW! So glad to be a part of the ride. And I’d love to be an admin on the forum, too! :)

  5. says

    So glad I’m a SDW…..Thanks for all hard work you put into your work….I now have to see if my phone will allow Instagram….but check out my blog for great recipes and what life is like for a MDW with 5 autoimmune diseases….

    I love the new stuff you’re bringing to the blog and Operation Homefront rocks!
    Lynessa recently posted..Cherry Cheesecake DipMy Profile

  6. Angel says

    I LOVE how DDW has always been about all dads doing work out there in the world and you never make it just about you. That is why I followed you and subscribed in the first place. And I also love that no matter how popular you become you still don’t get a big head about it and keep everything about dads doing work. There are a lot out there, people just don’t notice because of all the hype bad fathers get. Good fathers doing work need to be celebrated and put out there to make it not seem so weird. I am really glad you are doing something with your blog and everything to try to make that recognition possible. Thank you and keep up the awesome work DDWs!

  7. Nicole Sieracki says

    Here’s to another amazing yr & nothing but continued success!! Thank you for ur insight, the laughter, and the lil glimpse into ur world & family! U certainly are an inspiration to many. It’s so nice to see a DDW and taking such an interest in parenting! I know there’s plenty more out there I’m sure…. It’s just a shame its not all!!

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