Smashing Stereotypes, One Toy Bed At a Time

Recently, it was time to get my daughter a big girl bed. The issue was, what type of bed would I get her?

My two year old loves trains. Like, really, really, really loves trains. I could’ve gotten her a princess bed, or something covered in pink and glitter, but I wasn’t about to do that because that’s not what she’s interested in. Instead I reached out to my awesome friends at Step 2 to get a Thomas the Train bed.

It’s sturdy, looks great, and it’s just a super cool bed for a 2-year old.

IMG_6629 (1)

My 2-year old’s Thomas the Train bed.

At first, my wife was skeptical.

She thought that it was a boy’s bed, but that’s when I had to school her a little bit.

Wife: “I don’t know how I feel about this bed.”

Me: “Why?”

Wife: “Isn’t it for boys?”

Me: “No. We have theLifestyle Dream Kitchen from Step 2. You’re cool with our girls playing with a toy kitchen, but not with sleeping in a train bed? What sense does that make?”


We can’t get enough of this kitchen

That’s when she caught herself and realized the error of her ways. Boys can play in kitchens just like girls can sleep in a Thomas the Train bed. We need to rid ourselves of these gender rules that set us back. Boys can play with dolls just as much as girls can pretend to be superheroes. We shouldn’t limit our children at all when it comes to their imaginations or what they choose to be interested in.

The most important thing is my daughter is super happy with it, it was super easy to put together, and she sleeps like a rock on it (actually, that is the most important thing).

And also is there anything cuter than a little girl yelling “CHOO CHOO!” before bed time?

As I said before, it doesn’t matter if you’re raising boys or girls – what matters is having fun. I HIGHLY recommend the Thomas the Train bed or the Lifestyle Dream Kitchen for the holiday season. You will not be disappointed!

Disclaimer: Step 2 provided me with the Thomas the Train bed, but all opinions are my own. 

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