I Didn’t Want To Raise Girls…Until I Did

Recently one of my readers asked me if I wish I had boys instead of girls. Of course the answer is an emphatic, “NO” – but did I always feel that way? I’d be lying if I said yes.

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No More Wound Myths

I’m excited to partner with Band-Aid and Neosporin on this post.

I remember when I was a kid I used to get hurt — a lot. Everything from broken bones and torn ligaments to minor scrapes and bruises. When it comes to the major injuries, the treatment is set by a doctor. In my case it usually meant undergoing surgery, getting casted, and resting for a few weeks.

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15 times I kept it real in 2015

Ah, December. The time where parents post their recaps of the year, telling everyone how awesome their family is. You know what we always get from those parents during that time? The “filtered” version of life. We’ll hear about how little Suzy scored six goals in her last soccer game of the season in November, but we won’t hear about how she honed her skills by kicking her baby brother in the stomach repeatedly between January and October.

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Going Viral: Unfiltered

I’m honored to be a part of the #ParentingUnfiltered movement by Plum Organics because it’s about being okay with the fact parenting can be difficult, messy, exhausting, frustrating, and embarrassing at times. I’ve learned that it’s almost impossible to relate to the parent who has it all figured out, because that parent doesn’t exist.

Unfortunately, it took me a while to learn that valuable lesson. Let me explain.

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I Care. Just Not As Much

If we care about our kids, we’re going to worry about them. Are they happy? Safe? Healthy? It’s what keeps us up at night. Unfortunately there is no way we can escape all of the stress and worrying that comes with parenthood, but it certainly can be lessened.

Recently I took my daughter to one of the best doughnut shops in Los Angeles for her weekend treat – a strawberry frosted doughnut with rainbow sprinkles. As she skipped happily out of the shop, she bumped into the door and predictably dropped the pastry on the sidewalk.

At that moment I could feel the gaze of onlookers fixated on me. Would I dump the doughnut in the trash and buy her a new one? Or would I just give it back to her?


The Three Words That Made Me A Better Dad


Can we agree that parenthood is really hard? Good, because it is. The diaper changes, tantrums, algebra, soccer practice, and drama all of sorts are seemingly never-ending. To make matters even harder, we as parents constantly second-guess ourselves when it comes to how well we’re doing the job.

Are our kids happy? Are we doing enough? Are we doing too much? Will doing (insert innocuous act here) become the reason why the kids will spend time in rehab when they’re older?

I have two young daughters (4 years old and 19 months old) and I worry about them. A lot. Just like many men out there, I’m figuring out this daddyhood thing as I go along, but for the longest time I felt as if I had to be perfect. During the first year, I have to admit that fatherhood was almost a competition to me. In other words, the games dudes played in high school locker rooms evolved to, “Who has the biggest stroller?” It was meaningless and it just added stress to my life.

Then a random day at the zoo changed everything…