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As most of you know, I LOVE technology. And if you followed me on Upworthy, you know that I love Wonder Workshop’s Dash & Dot. But now they released new versions of their ultra-popular robots and they are absolutely amazing.

Meet Cue.


He may look just like Dash, but he has a lot more tricks up his sleeve. For example, you can share jokes, play really fun interactive games with him, and use him send/receive text messages. He even has his own unique personality (my kiddos love his voice). By using its powerful software, Cue can play hide & seek and navigate tight corners. For the coders out there, you can even create a freestyle environment for him to explore. The possibilities are endless.

Granted, many of the activities are little too advanced for my 6-year-old, but it’s perfect for older kids — I’d say 9yo and above. However, my 6yo loves to use her iPad to maneuver Cue around the house to chase her sister.

But guess what? Wonder Workshop just made Cue even more user-friendly for kids:

  • 40 new demos to help kids get started if they don’t know much about coding
  • Added more challenges and missions
  • In-app stickers and decorations – added element of creativity to personalize their app experience
  • Avatars are now FREE!

If you haven’t picked up Cue since last year, you’re really missing out on some cool new things. Download the updated app today and visit the Wonder Workshop website to learn more about what Cue can do.

Now let’s meet the Dot Creativity Kit.


It looks a lot like the previous version of Dot, but just like Cue, it does a lot more. This is perfect for younger kids as you can use it to play Duck, Duck, Goose or Hot Dotato (aka, Hot Potato) and more. You can use this version of Dot to create crafting projects, engage in active play that will get the blood pumping, storytelling, you name it. Best of all, it’s a great way to introduce young kids to coding in a way that’s fun and easy to understand. Both of my daughters love Dot — especially the fact that they can be dressed in quirky costumes.

The holidays are approaching and if you want a toy that the kids will absolutely love AND is educational, you can’t go wrong with anything Wonder Workshop puts out. Here are the prices:

– Cue is $199.99

– The Dot Creativity Kit is $79.99


They both run on iOS and Android, and the apps are super-duper user-friendly.

Honestly, for the amount of things both of these robots are able to do, those prices are an absolute steal. In a world where toys are becoming formulaic and predictable, it’s awesome to see toys like these that are ridiculously unique and innovative. I have many friends who own the original Dash & Dot and I haven’t heard a bad thing from any of them. And quite frankly, if you like Dash & Dot, you will LOVE Cue and the Dot Creativity Kit.

Needless to say, I give these products two thumbs up. Go get them for your kiddos. You will not be sorry!

**NOTE: I received Cue and the Dot Creativity Kit from Wonder Workshop, but all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Dan says

    It’s funny that you posted about this. My neighbor’s kids have Dash & Dot and they love them, but I had no idea there were new versions out there. Looks like I know what to get my son for Christmas.

  2. Kathy says

    OMG, I love this! I’m heading over to Amazon now. I’ll probably get the smaller one because my son is 5 and I don’t want to get anything too advanced.

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