The Viral Week In Review

By now you probably know that a picture of me and my kids “Broke the Internet.” I’m still not quite sure what that means, but I’ve heard it enough times in the past week to believe it’s true. The majority of my time recently was spent talking about serious topics, so I figured I’d use this week’s blog post to lighten the mood a bit by sharing some of the not-so-serious moments from the craziness.

#1 – Remember the red-haired kid who sat three rows behind you in 3rd grade?: Of course you don’t. But if something like this ever happens to you, he’ll remember you. And suddenly you’ll be best friends.

ddw#2 – Receiving real-time advice from my mom via text message while I was being interviewed on live national television (as if I could read them): 

– “Slow down! You’re talking too fast! Katie’s not going to be able to understand a word you’re saying.”

– “Fix your tie, it’s crooked.”


A mom will never stop being a mom, I guess.

#3 – The confused look on my 3-year old daughter’s face when she saw me on television: I wasn’t there to witness it, but I was told she kept jumping up and down saying, “It’s Daddy! Hi Daaaaaaaaaadeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!………***pause*** Come here, Daddy! ***taps on TV screen***”

#4 – Being so nervous that I forgot to pack a jacket to NYC: No need to expand on how much that sucked.

#5 – Being told on Friday that I was a part of one of the most talked about news stories in the entire world: Yes, literally the entire world. As a dad who does stuff like this everyday, I didn’t know whether I should laugh, cry, or scratch my head in confusion.

#6 – Teaching people how to pronounce my name. “My name isn’t phonetically correct, but it’s pronounced doe-ween, like ‘in between.'” I think I said that sentence about 2,452 times in the past seven days.

#7 – Being dubbed as an expert on creating viral sensations: If they only knew how I just finished dropping a monster deuce after rolling out of bed with three hours worth of sleep, put on the same outfit that I wore the entire day before, and hadn’t showered in two days. I made zero effort to look cool or look hot, I just wanted photographic evidence to prove to my wife that I could get my daughter’s hair done while also keeping the baby happy. So yeah, there’s my expert analysis. You’re welcome.

#8 – The amount of hair companies wanting to send me products: One lady said, “My product will be great for styling your daughter’s hair. It’s versatile enough to style your hair too, Daddy!” Either she was trying to be funny or she hasn’t seen a picture of me. For my whole adult life I’ve had more hair on my nuts than I’ve had on my head, and I’m not about to….never mind. Let’s move on, shall we?

#9 – Speaking of nuts, I’m so incredibly tired from running around the country that I would gladly use a porcupine’s testicles as a pillow if it meant I could take an uninterrupted 2-hour nap.

#10 – The best part?: Knowing that there are millions of men on #TeamGrownAssMan who offered their support and share my passion for fatherhood. Even though it would be close to impossible for me to respond to every email I’ve received since all of this started, just know that I’m humbled and honored to be on the same team as these men and I hope to make them proud.

And the movement continues.

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  1. says


    I’m Grandmother and saw your story on CNN,…..YOU ARE A GREAT DAD !!!!
    ……and a REAL MAN !
    Keep up the great parenting !!!

    Keep setting the great example for ( hopefully ) other Dad’s to follow .

  2. Cheryl Fox says

    Thought I would drop by and say we need more men like you. Thank you for sharing your experiences with raising your kids with us. I am going to share your website with my son in law. No worries, I think the world of him, he just thinks he’s the only dad who spends lots of his time taking care of his baby. Your blog might just help him!

    Carry on my friend!

  3. RC says

    Great coverage that highlights the issue that racism remains a problem in the USA. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave – if you hail from the right demographic and socio-economic areas. What a shame, America. When our Armed Forces go off to war to protect our freedom, their race isn’t questioned. We all bleed red! Imagine how advanced our Nation would be if racism was eradicated. Sorry, America – you lose AGAIN.

    Great job on fatherhood! Believe it nor not, these are the easiest years – girls get more complicated the older they get! :) Stay strong, keep the faith because your actions bolster goodness in men of al colors. THANK YOU!

  4. Helen says

    What an amazing man you are… We, as a society, tend to focus on the negative and what men and women both aren’t doing. My husband is a hands on dad… rarely going out with friends, survives on little sleep, etc just so he can squeeze in 8 + hours of work AND all of the kid time he can into his day. It is unfortunate that you were met with such negativity but don’t let that get you down. Keep your chin up because you know you are doing a good job… and right now your wife is standing over on the side lines going “What am I, chopped liver?” HAHA…

  5. Barbara says

    You’re AMAZING, no matter what those haters say! I actually think they’re jealous, the only way to look good is to hate others-right??

  6. says

    I’m glad your pics caused a stir. I am so tired of only hearing about the truly dreadful parents. A normal ‘real’ man who shows his love with daily care is such a treat.
    I suspect I’ll have something to say on my blog, just because what is normal deserves our attention as much as the dreadful stuff.

  7. Magdalini says

    You ARE known in the entire world, or at least, in small countries across the Atlantic like Greece!
    Regards from a mom lucky enough to have a daddy doin work at our home!

  8. Lindsay says

    People never cease to amaze me. I am sorry that you and your family had to go through all of that. I think you are a wonderful father, and a great role model for other young men. Parenting shouldn’t be one sided. Your wife and daughters are lucky to have a REAL MAN in their lives. Don’t let the haters get to you. They obviously don’t have a clue about respect.

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