Dads Going Viral? Yeah, It’s A Good Thing

Dads are getting a ton of attention in traditional media and social media right now. A single dad named Greg Wickherst decided to enroll in cosmetology classes so he could learn to style his 3-year-old daughter’s hair and the world lost its mind. The Super Bowl broadcast aired multiple commercials featuring dads involved with their kids and people still can’t stop talking about them. The list goes on and on.

Meanwhile, there are moms all over the country with arms folded thinking, “Why are these guys getting all of this praise? I do all of this blindfolded on a typical Thursday morning and nobody is planning a parade route for me or even giving me a pat on the back. It’s a joke.”

Not so fast, ladies.


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    I get both sides honestly. I get that women are miffed that men are getting celebrated in the media for what seems like a no-brainier. After all we still aren’t equal on that whole pay scale thing. But I agree that the extra attention should help to normalize it and it should help to glamorize it as well. It sounds contradictory but both would help make serious progress. It doesn’t make me mad to read about a dad who goes viral for doing the right dad thing, but it does make me mad when I read posts like “what mom says vs. what dad hears” I’ve been noticing that a lot of dads are getting tired of being pigeonholed into the stereotypical dopey role of a hands-off father. You are right though, the scale needs to tip before it’s evened out.
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